Does Spam turn on your partner during foreplay?

Dont remember where i read it, Some article on some site says that Spam can turn on your partner during foreplay.

Well its chewy, tasty, greasy and meaty :lol:



Lantern Swinger
My legiron has been know to bounce a can of Spam off my head on occasions. She says she gets a feeling of total satisfaction when she does it but it does nothing for me at all. :neutral: :lol: :roll:

Oooooh Noooooooooooooo
Now i know why my Huby loves it sooooo much..............
Hey Windygale I like the way you think................... :twisted:
i find that unless you stick the spam in a condom -

a trip to A & E is normally necessary to remove the chunks from wherever.

and the jelly melts and makes a right mess