Does Raleigh break up for Easter?

alright ya'll was just wondering is there an easter break at Raleigh because my start date is 21st March, and I believe Easter is on the 2nd April (i could be wrong), and if so how long does it close down for. This is a bit of bugger because I have Home Drinking Syndrome where I get legless when I stay at home thus spoiling the steady rise of fitness I am expecting on achieving. I know you should never knock time off but it would have been better doing basic without the break.


Lantern Swinger
Polto said:
Guzzler said:
Good luck with the HDS. Been a life-long sufferer myself.
There's alot of it about...oddly... :eek:ccasion5:
It's infectious I think. At least my mates back home benefit from my leave-induced blackouts. Being civvies, they don't have any good dits to spin!

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