Does Jersey want to be known as a Paedophile Haven?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by thingy, Aug 14, 2008.

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  1. In today's Times (14 August 2008, p3) it is reported that apparently Jersey's judiciary is protecting the island's (extensive network?) of paedophiles. If this is correct then it is time to send in the mainland police, as was necessary in Pitcairn. I cannot believe that paedophilia is so widespread in Jersey that it affects every strata in society, though of course it knows no social boundaries.

    If nothing is done, the message that Jersey is sending out to the World, is that Jersey is a haven for paedophiles. Do they really want to sully their reputation in such a manner?
  2. Sounds depressingly like the Catholic church's attitude of slapping culprits on the wrist and hoping the whole thing blows over.

    Still, at least those filthy paediatricians have learnt to stay out of Pompey!
  3. I don't read that with the same interpretation. I can see nothing there that would invite an influx of kiddy fiddlers to the Island. What it does imply is that the current evidence trail must be sufficiently inconclusive as to make a safe conviction unlikely.

    Just maybe, on current evidence; the wrong Parties could end up in the slammer or the right Parties could be charged, tried and acquitted. Should sufficient evidence be gathered later, they can't exactly be sent back to the Dock.
  4. G.Glitter is due back on UK soil shortly, tag and curfew should be applied.
  5. I sweat like garry glitter on a playground at work.... they need to put all paedophiles on a little island that is heavily guarded and keep them on there and let them starve, which then they will hopefully eat each other... then we will have less of them Plus it will only use taxpayers money to transport them there which I would not mind!
  6. The chief policeman (ex-RUC) who insitgated the whole investigation was hounded by just about everyone until he "retired" too - all very unsavoury.

    Bring back Bergerac!
  7. As an adopted Jerseyman I feel that I have to put finger to keyboard.
    There is a lot of nepotism and you scratch my back and I'll play with your kid ... or summat similar..... here. With an island of "only" 990,000 people it is very likely that you will have people looking out for each other.

    The bloke (Bailiff) in charge of the House (i.e. Speaker) is also the head of the judges. His brother is also in charge of the legal system as attorney general. It was the Bailiff that stopped one of the Senators making his speech in the house as he didn't want to hear what this Senator was allowed and entitled to say.

    Listening between the lines of his final interview, Ronnie the ex RUC now ex States police was obstructed from his interview from peoples as yet unknown.

    What I do know from my short 12 years here is that there also used to be a children's nursery called Blue Peter (or something similar , can't quite recall), but the point is that the couple who ran it were interviewed by the States (not the police but the civil servants) and admitted that it can be stressful looking after children. Rather than get them arrested they were moved to another department. They now live in France (and hopefully in fear too).

    We have Elections at the end of this year - there is going to be a culling of the States members (local Government here). And about time too.

    Paul Gadd wont be allowed to stay here as he doesn't have housing qualifications .... don't get me started about those either ...
  8. Jersey by its' very nature is corrupt. A place were the government system should have been overhauled eons ago; except of course that what is suits the rich on the island very well thank you.
    They are not even full members of the EU yet purport to be 'English' when it suits them and French when it doesn't.
    It is about time that little bunch of islands was brought to book and made to pay their way.
  9. I think that is too extreme. With a bit of genetic engineering we should be able to produce GM children who mature to adulthood in three months instead of the current 16 years for females and 50 years for males. Prince Chas might not to too happy and emigrate to Greenland and it would lead to mass emigration of paeditricians, paedophiles, Christian Clergy and News of the Screws journos, but that is a price well worth paying! :twisted:
  10. The quote of "UDI" has been mooted recently. But guess who are the people angling for a top job - yup, the ones we already have.

    In tonight's Beano (Sorry, Jersey Evening Post) Lenny H (ex RUC chap) is quoted as "that the investigation is being held up".

    Well hardly a surprise when the bloke in charge of bringing cases to court is the brother of the bloke in charge of the judges.

    <edited to correct name of ex copper)
  11. Point of Order! Sir Ronnie Flanagan is nothing at all to do with Jersey: he is the Chief Inspector of Constabulary: Lenny Harper is the recently retired States of Jersey police chief.
  12. Simple, start a campaign, no one from the mainland to holiday in Jersey until the paedophile cases have been investigated to the full. Watch the nepotistic cnuts wriggle then.
  13. Thanks AD - amended accordingly

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