Does God have it in for Gordon the Broon?

Plague, pestilence, fire, flood and now terminal corruption and sleaze…

All I'm waiting for is the plague of boils. I'm almost tempted to feel sorry for him.
Shame on you !!

Go and have a tot now and pull yerself together man !!


(Edited (rather late :oops: - should have been " shame on you to feel sorry for ...." --- still I hope you had the tot though :thumright: )
If he does become plagued by boils, I hope they are on his lardy a**e. It might shut him up for a while.

Don't expect any of these irritations to be terminal, though. This lot are clearly fireproof. A week after the retired COSs gave him a stark glimpse of reality; sod all! Did it really happen did we all just dream it? Of course the British public has the attention span of Homer Simpson and banking disasters and corrupt practices are closer to their self centred minds.


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It all seems rather tacky doesn't it, donations made in other peoples names, who does and who doesn't know, we've been here before. Last time it forced politicians to sit back and consider how better (for them) to fund political campaigning, replace a potentially corrupt system with one more transparent "they" said, coincidentally at a time when it appeared Union donations were flagging.

Party political funding....... to think "they" wanted Parties to be part publicly funded: for every £10 donated a public allowance of £10 would be donated to be spent in that parliamentary year up to £150M quid from taxpayers money (preferred option) Unfortunately, what with Defence, NHS, Education etc all having to compete for funds how could you possibly convince the public to support such a thing? I wonder how much of a coincidence this affair is with the fact that the inter party funding talks were suspended what a mere month ago? to allow some reflection:- £150M quid per political party could go a fair way to purchasing a few vehicles, helicopters [insert your preferred option here] pr pay for a few posters, researchers, adverts!

I'm sure the two events aren't in any way related of course, but I wonder in whose interest is it to perpetuate this scandal? It would seem to potentially benefit everyone who is involved (except the scapegoats of course, still pension stiff upper lip and all that)


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Ahem!! Telegraph Article

"Mr Brown's own preferred option is clearly for state funding for political parties: while he noted that he was not yet "convinced" that the public would accept greater state funding, he announced that Mr Straw's review would "consult" widely on the matter. We very much hope that Mr Brown does not try to go down this route. As Matthew d'Ancona points out on the page opposite, it is the equivalent of trying to stop burglary by rewarding burglars with a grant from the state's coffers."

I don't think the Liarbour party actually engineered this whole thing, if they did they seem to have lost control of it. I do think they are going to turn it to their advantage though, I have no doubt that we as tax payers will soon be paying significant sums of money to prop up their and their opponents' party funds
Oil_Slick said:
Plague, pestilence, fire, flood and now terminal corruption and sleaze…

All I'm waiting for is the plague of boils. I'm almost tempted to feel sorry for him.
Oh I do hope so .. I really hope so!

Can just imagine Her Maj calling Mr Broon in and giving him the sack! "My Husband and I have called you here today ... now p**s orf before one has one beheaded! :threaten: :threaten:


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Did anyone else see "Have I got news for you" on Friday?

The bit when Broon was constantly being asked about Hilary Harman lying about her involvement, then someone asked a question on a different subject and he had a big smile on his face. Next question, back to Harman and the smile dropped from his face.

He is in the shite big time, I reckon HE knows alot more than is being let on about.
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