Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by simon, May 12, 2006.

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  1. A few gaps in the structure of the page, too - like missing links and pictures.

    I don't get the connection with the UBoat Forum - the link took me to a Forum thread with nothing to do with the Fleet Air Arm archive stuff.
  2. Have you reported it to their webmaster? :idea:
  3. Yes, Nozzy, I have (tactfully, I hope) - though I hadn't quite got the idea of what the links were until I tried them out - all makes sense, just the graphics (icons perhaps) aren't there.
  4. To access the Uboat site properly you have to join it!!
    The sinkings of all Uboats by enemy action is all contained in a book called the Uboat fact file-------and it tells the story of all uboats built and their subsequent fate.

    There's a better book aswell regarding reference to Fleet air arm aircraft
    its by Owen Thetford called Brit Naval Aircraft since 1912.

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