Does anyone have a spare flight deck tractor....

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by Guns, May 19, 2008.

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  1. Guns

    Guns War Hero Moderator

    ....... because I hear the pride of the PFK Fleet might need a new one.

    Oh how we laughed. Nice photo as well.

    To those that do not know sorry but not sure the OPSEC on this one but it would make you laugh.
  2. are we talking about the merlin "incident"
  3. It get's worse, the floating crane that lifted the ditched tractor then trashed another Merlin's wing mirrors when delivering the vehicle to the flight deck.
  4. Not to mention the 100K fine for dropping a diesel tractor in Instanbul harbour!
  5. The (non)Handlers cover themselves with glory yet again!
  6. Though at least the Merlin didn't go in with it.
  7. The Tractor drivers managed to lose the ship's bell when I was on the Ocean. :bball:
  8. Flight deck tractors going for a swim is not new, he navy has a good record at this sport, but going over the side with the airplane still attached takes the biscuit. On the Bulwark was an obnoxious FDO who was always pissing about with kit that had wheels and an engine and in his own mind could drive, repair, repair and manufacture them better than anyone else, but in actual fact he was just a ******. One day (in a tantrum) he threw the airman driver off the tractor, jumped on, whacked it in reverse by mistake (naval officers don't make mistakes!!!) it flew off the flight deck and into the ogin going backwards with this red faced cu** on board, how the hands laughed. Of most concern about this Illustrious incident is the lack of training of RN ratings and airmen, what’s going to happen when the new carriers are operational with 40 plus fixed wing fighters on board. It's also amazing that when a fridge breaks down out of over a thousand men (and girls) on board no one is capable of fixing it ffs. It's a fact that if a seaman officer sees kit that is painted or bright its fine, regardless of whether it works or not. It really is time that command pulled their fingers out of their arsholes got a grip of this situation, the days have gone when you just needed hands to scrub and paint. Command don't think so but the hands are the navy's most valuable asset, The navy could have 3000 men on board but if non are trained to fix things when they go wrong what's the point? If the admirals don't get grip of the hands training this government could take more of their toys away, if not all of them.
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  9. Where are these 40 fixed wing aeroplanes coming from? We have barely the manpower to maintain the aircraft we have now. Such trivialities aside, Huffnut makes a fair point on training, I have been wondering why the RN has been "dumbed down" in recent years.

    Are there any handlers with experience of working on, or running a REAL flight deck left in the RN? If not, maybe time to employ some crusty ex-CPO(AH) or suchlike for their experience. Will be an interesting first BOST for the new Carriers!

    At least when the new flat-tops get here, there will be plety of room for the pointless exercise of turning Cabs round on the deck for Cock and Arse parties.

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