does anybody join the royal navy on 28th feb 2010?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by scottyboi7, Dec 13, 2009.

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  1. hey i start my career at raleigh on the 28th february 2010 and am just wondering if anyone else also joining on this date?
  2. and me mate

  3. I join the week before on the 21st. Check your personal messages.
  4. You will be getting booted out a few days later with the messages you have been writing on here, or maybe fail basic.
  5. yh im joining feb 28th, how your fitness
  6. We can only hope :) When are you going back in Daffy? Maybe pay our friend a little visit? Give him a proper induction :wink:
  7. Nothing a swift kick to the groin will sort out. He's an evil little cnut, and not in a nice way. "GET HIM"!!
  8. Uh oh, I think you wound Tuts up. That's not a sensible thing to do ;) I've wound her up and I've been looking over my shoulder ever since :D
  10. *Cowers* Please say his.... We're cool right? :p

    She'll do it, she's crazy! And Scouse!!! :O
  11. Not you my little gimp friend.
  12. *Hides behind Tuts* She gonna fcuking kill you! :)
  13. I'll be alright... she dated a 65 year-old so i'll be fine!
  14. But tuts is cool, you're a cnut.
  15. Agreed :D
  16. I actually find myself agreeing with Zoidberg, 100%. You are a cnut of the highest order. What the fcuk does that even matter? She'll still be a better matelot than you. I hope to god your new D.I's read this and give you hell.

    Tuts, you're fcuking awesome. RR Loves ya sweetheart :wink: Don't change a thing :D
  17. You jack bastard. If you are in any way as backstabbing and unpleasant during your service, or even better behaved like you have done in here with anyone I know in the army, you'll be battered.

    Learn your lesson on here son, because if you don't, many many people will take great pleasure in making you weep.
  18. Oh hello Pool Champs, you still hiding behind a rock from Tuts ?
  19. so how many people are joining on febuary 28th?

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