Does any one recall a song about fareham?

Discussion in 'Blogs' started by abraham24, Jun 17, 2013.

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  1. When serving as a Stoker in the early 1970's the old salts used to sing a song in the mess and sometimes ashore but I cannot remember the versus.
    The chorus went "If you can smile your a stranger to Fareham-the gateway to the South".
    Some of the lyrics went like this-Down in old Fareham at just turned four,all the girls are locked away behind a wooden door-for their father's no darned well thats when Jack comes pegging ashore."
    If anyone can remember it/or indeed still sings it, could they please post lyrics on this thread?
    Its doing my head in trying to remember it.
  2. Only ditty I can recall : Be you Pompey be I buggery, be I come from Fareham, My old dear had sixteen kids an she knew how to rear em.

  3. There are other versions.

    "Be I Devonshire, be I buggery, I comes up from Wareham. Where the whores wear calico drawers, and I knows how to tear 'em".

    Whilst a lady of my acquaintance in Bursledon insists that it's "Be I 'Ampshire, be I buggery, I comes up from Fareham....."

    All part of our culture.

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