Dodgy Videos from Raleigh

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Welshbird, Sep 10, 2006.

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  1. When I was doing basic training (which started 12 years ago tomorrow ... aaahhh) there was some random bloke that used to follow us around with a video camera - am I right in remembering that it was the guy that owned the Carbeille?
  2. Dunno but they were videoing one of those 'basic training' doc's for the BBC when I was going through training, it was never aired though!
  3. one of them was tho only in the southwest area though.......arrrse! I made it onto one of those as I was doing dartmoor in middle of Feb brrrrrrrr bit on the brisk side.
  4. What time did you have to get up during the night for "night patrol" ?

    I was up at 2am looking out for strange civvies and booties out on exercise.

    Stood and watched a lightening storm in Plymouth miles away. 8O
  5. got the 8pm watch (jammy barsteward!) and a decent night's kip huzzah!
  6. Do you mean you almost featured in Nozzers?

    I've got it on tape - unfortunately it's on Betamax which my video recorder was in all those years ago...
  7. They used to video every Passing Out Parade and then flog the tapes to the families as a "great Souvenir" of the day. The reality was that most were hugely disappointed as the quality was poor and unless you were front row guard, you stood little chance of making it on camera.

    What a swizz!

  8. so did I just imagine then that the guy from the Carbielle used to video it, or maybe he was just stalking me!!!!
  9. No, it was the guy who owned the Carbielle, alright. He used to film your Class Run at the Carbielle too, then knock off the VHS tapes to you for £5 each. He was a right old Del Boy.
  10. The video of my passing out parade was really good...only spoiled by f**kwit senior rates in the background who dont know the difference between left and right..... :twisted: :twisted:
  11. A gay PTI queering up a new entry? And it's in the press? Oh God, noooooo!

    (Bet it wasn't a new entry for that particular NE mind.)
  13. Oh great, just what I needed to read a month before leaving my baby in their tender care! Ignorance can sometimes be bliss ya know!!
  14. Babies can still join up as Powder Monkeys these days? I'm shocked! 8O

    When he's a bit older I doubt he'll be shocked Sandy. The biggest shock I think most of us had was peeping into our parents' bedroom when we were very young, wondering what all the racket was was, and discovering them doing strange things to each other and making loud grunting noises! After that nothing's quite the same ever again. :lol:
  15. You are probably right AAC, it just gives his mates more ammunition with which to take the p**s!

  16. This is the least of your worries, he will be left in the tender mercies of the "ladies" in the Harbour Lights in Torpoint soon enough......innocence GONE!!
  17. Thought there was more to the eagerness to leave home than met the eye :roll:
  18. saw a dodgy mobile movie of Raleigh last week, couple of wrens pillow biting !!! days of video are numbered
  19. So, isn't anyone going to have the good taste to upload these vids into YourTube so the rest of us can take a peek? Talk about inconsiderate! :wink:

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