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Dodgy Music...........


Lantern Swinger
come on lets cheer things up a bit. What's the dodgiest band you like. I must admit I do like opus and murray head and dexy's so come own up who do you like? :D
Dexys is a fave, Madness is definately there too. The Bad Shepherds also, mainly because the guy from Bottom is in it and its a funny band


Book Reviewer
Nothing wrong at all with Mike Oldfield, Supertramp or Genesis, (nor Pink Floyd or Barclay James Harvest), although I suspect that they'd be classed as suspect by many of today's generation - in addition to these I'd add Robbie Williams (but NOT Take That!).


War Hero
StixJimboRM said:
labrum said:
StixJimboRM said:
Mike Oldfield (I know, I know!)

You'll be sparking up the fondue next!

Abba for me, wanna make something of it..!?

And what's wrong with fondue then???? :evil:

Nothing, absolutely nothing. Bit of Oldfield on, fondue and then keys into the bowl and away you go. You do realise swinging will be a thing of the past when you turn to the dark side..?


War Hero
tug1970 said:
soleil said:
I forgot to add my favourite Take That track:

Thanks for asking this question ........

I've ended up dancing round the kitchen to Take That with a whisk in my hand and a three course dinner in the oven.

If it all goes up in smoke, it's your fault!



Sorry sol hope dinner goes well. :D

Don't be sorry, she deserves it! Imagine having the only bad Take That! song as your favourite - shocking!


War Hero
bigglesbandicoot said:
What's on the menu Sol

Celeriac Pear and Stilton soup

Roast Beef, Yorkshire Pudding, Roast Potatoes, Mixed Veg

Blackberry and Apple Crumble with Fresh Custard/Cream

And a stiff drink for the cook!



War Hero
Book Reviewer
labrum said:
Abba for me, wanna make something of it..!?

Mate. Anyone that says that they don't like Abba is a liar. They rock. Especially the filthy looking dark haired one. Benny, that's it.
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