Dodgy as fook!

Discussion in 'Motoring' started by leeblease, Oct 17, 2007.

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  1. what do you reckon to this, I am selling my car on ebay. So I get an email from a potential buyer:

    Hello mate,
    An advert on autotrader site indicates that you want to sell (2005 FORD FIESTA) at the price of £7,000,what is the last price it can go for? I will like to know...and also i will want you to tell me the present condition of the car, im very ok with the pix right there and i think its gonna be a great buy....Please get back to me ASAP, so that we can get this done asap......
    Thank you very much..

    Sounds good to me so I reply asking if he wants to come and have a look at the car, then I get this email:

    Thanks Lee for getting back to me.....its so good to hear that the car is still available as i would love to have this. Actually we just moved to scotland some few months ago for job reasons, its really beautiful here tho.....also i travell alot in my line of business and dont think i will be able to come over to view or test drive the acting on your words on a basis of "mutual trust" thats why i will be proceeding to make payment for it..Payment is going to be through a company cheque that will be made out in your NAME and sent to your address immediately.
    The issue here is that the amount is a bit higher than that of your car being that its a payment due to me for service rendered sometime the difference will be sent to me or my shipping agent as soon as you have cheque cleared in your account so that he can come over to your place with some of his associate for the pick up. Im so sorry it has to be this way as i wouldnt want to miss this great opportunity to buy your car.The total amount that is going to be sent to you is £10,000, while you remove £7,000 for your car and have the rest balance of £3,000 sent to him or myself after you must have had cheque cleared in your account....this normally takes 3-4working days for it to be properly cleared so i will be waiting for that.
    For this reason, i will like you to send me your full details ....that is:
    Mobile Phone #
    Home #

    so that the payment can be made out and sent to you should have it at your door step before weekends unfailily,as i wouldnt want to miss this great buy.I will be waiting to read from you asap
    Have a good day! is my mobile # ***********

    Sounds dodgy as fook to me. Has anyone else seen this sort of thing, what do you think?
  2. It stinks of one of those Nigerian 419 Scams, Im tempted to post the piss bags number.
  3. LOL. A variation on one of the Nigerian scams - have fun with the guy but whatever you do - DO NOT send him any personal details.

    It's the usual scam designed to catch the greedy - people see a nice, easy way to make a few grand at no cost to themselves - then before they know it they are up poo-poo river and not a paddle in sight!!

    Ask for a photo of him with a loaf of Hovis :)
  4. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Give the details to the cops, mate, it's a money laundering scam.
  5. This is a well known fraud, the 'cheque' you get given is duff and although it will clear initially it will not be honoured and the bank will 'suck back' the whole ammount so you lose the car plus the 'cashback'.

    more details here

    a very useful site if you are suspicious about a possible fraud.
  6. Its a shame that you cant set this ****** up in a 'sting', but I suspect the filth are too busy catching speeding motorists
  7. How true is that.

    Deffo a scam mate and report the fool. I know there is a site on the net somewhere which has all these fools on it and the ones they have 'scammed' back and its very funny. Just wish I could remember the web addy.
  8. Funny you should mention this as I was only talking about this scam the other day.
    Basically they'll end up sending you a fake cheque over paying whatever their buying (which theoretically your not suspicious of a dodgy payment - thinking that everything is legit) in the meantime, you send him the £3,000 and by the time you get his fake cheque, hes made off with your £3,000 leaving you out of pocket!!
  9. You could always accept the cheque and tell him the car wont be released until after the cheque has cleared, this will take 10 days in which time it will bounce.

    These type of scammers don't always come for the goods, just the 'legitimate' cashback you have provided is all they are interested in, so you still have what you are selling but are down a couple of hundred quid.

    The crap spelling and language is the biggest give away. If they want to do it properly, why don't they invest some of their ill gotten gains in a dictionary.
  10. I received an E mail today, which after reading is a lead up to a scam

    Job Openings Representative needed in Winthorpe Groups INC

    Basically they are looking for an International cashier, someone with access to a computer on a daily basis, and that representatives are needed in the USA, Turkey, UK, Canada, & Australia.

    It is the usual bad spelling and the general lay out is Iffy, I am certain that the next move had I accepted would either be my bank details or a payment needed.
    I forwarded this to one of the outfits that are monitoring this sort of thing.

    More people are aware of this type of scam now, but they are getting more devious, apart from every thing else its the spelling etc that alerts us .

    Any E mails that I receive unless in my list of contacts goes directly to junk
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Don't just bin these emails - forward all spam emails to the Abuse Department (no pun intended!!) your service provider and also the service provider of the sender's email (i.e. '[email protected]', etc.)

    Last edited: Aug 14, 2012
  12. I should have made it clear in my earlier response, re junk mail and deleting.
    I do contact the relevant bodies prior to deleting, over the past few weeks I have had around 4 E mails asking for bank details and none of them banks that I have accounts with, I have forwarded copies to the Banks and or Building Societies concerned.
    It is hoped that this scum can be stopped, as I believe some innocents have been vulnerable and fallen into the trap.
  13. You should have signed up to one of those £1.50 per minute numbers and then asked him to call you.

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