Dodgy 70s and 80s household gadgets

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by stan_the_man, May 20, 2010.

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  1. Moving house soon and whilst digging through what seems a century's collection of useless shite I came upon a fcuking Breville Toasted sarnie maker, mmmm I thought recalling times long ago I might try this little fecker out. Buttered the bread on the outside as I remembered, grated the cheese put on a slice of smoked ham popped down the lid and 5 minutes later lifted the lid to find my toastie nice and brown, mouth watering I then tried to get the bastard out because it had stuck to the non stick surface but eventually suceeded took a bite and burnt my fecking mouth to a blistering mess on the gooey lava cheese and ham inside.
    Needess to say its now in the bin because it brought back the memories of trying to clean the twat.

    Applying generous doses of coldcider to the inside of my mouth I rolled back the years in m mind and thought of :.

    Electric carving knives that were guaranteed to slice three fingers of your hand wen you carved the sunday joint

    Fooking Goblin Teasmade that woke you up 30 minutes earlier than you wanted by making horrendous noises trying to boil the fcukng water.

    Buttoneer on paper and on TV every matelots dream except in reality the useless fcuking money waster could'nt put a button on that lasted more than 5 minutes.

    Anyone else got any fond memories??
  2. Soda Streams

    My first and most memorable lesson about compressed gasses.

    In with the syrup, bottle in the machine, three presses on the button (oh bugger it 5x 4 second presses. First thing to give way, the seals in the machine, spewing sickly sweet cola everywhere

    Second thing to give way, the back of my head as me Mum's hand connected with it at mach 2

    Third thing my pocket money supply for a fortnight.

    Remember loading them with so much syrup I could run around like a looney all day
  3. Top Loader Video Recorders, that expensive that my Dad took it to his mates when we went on holiday save it getting nicked!!
  4. Anything made by "Ronco" at Christmas time - those adverts .... agghhhhhhh!
  5. I had one of those right up 'til 1996 (can't recall the make), when I met the current Mrs WM - a bugger when the tape got wrapped about the rollers though, destroyed a few tapes trying to unravel tehm.

    Remember Betamax VCRs ? (I had a SONY) brought one back from the Mid East, had that also until about the same year.
  6. [​IMG]

    Remember these? You could turn the flame up high which was great for burning the wings off wasps and watching them struggle.

  7. Anyone know where you get the 'Sparklets' from? ;=)
  8. Party Seven cans of Watneys beer where you put a syphon pump into them. Just like having your own pub when placed on your living room corner bar.
  9. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Still got my Sparklets syphon. Raise you a Kenwood Chef with liquidiser attachment, and a b/w TV ping-pong game.

    Another version of the question is, "What have you thrown out that might be worth something now?". I saw a soap-saver on one of the Beeb's antiques programmes a while back and NONE of the 'experts' had a clue what it was (a crude wire cage with a wire handle to hold the end bits of bars of soap so they could be sloshed about to make a lather).
  10. I think the soda cyphon cylnders now power my compressed air .22 air rifle aka "The Squirrel Killer"
  11. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Fondue sets. Most popular apres ski with fuckwits that enjoy melting cheese and paying through the nose for it. If you want to melt cheese you posh wankers, that's what the grill is for. Alternatively, fill your cellars full of the stuff and i'll come round and torch your fucking houses and take pot shots at you while you try to escape.

    Fondue sets. For utter cunts.

    Actually while i'm on one, that game show 321. Those clues they had even Sherlock Holmes couldn't have solved they were that nails. I would love to bludgeon Ted Rogers with a chair leg, shove him in Dusty fucking Bin, and push the pair of them off Beachy Head. Ablaze.
  12. What a great gadget this fucker was and Rolph Harris was so brilliant using it.


    And what about this superb idea to clean your vinyl records?

  13. Nice to see nostalgia is making a comeback :lol:
  14. Sodastream, nuff said
  15. On the plus side, the 1970s and early 80s gave me the lingerie pages in my mum's catalogues.
  16. Those rubber things that held T Towels. They gave rise to the term "Grannies Tea Towel Holder" for ones back passage. !!!
  17. Remember my mum buying tons of that crap. Used to get an MFP LP every christmas with the latest hits on it sung by out of tune muppets. MFP stood for "Music For Pleasure" and they were absolute shite. Our house had every plastic gadget Ronco and K-Tel could invent.
  18. I used to nick them from my sister and knock one out over the flange on the covers :D
  19. Cars that spoke to you for just about everything.
    Went with my mate to Edinburgh from Manchester to pick up his brand spanking new Jag for him to show off.
    After ten miles[in the evening] a voice kept repeating "Bulb Out" over and over all the way back to Manchester.It drove us mad.
    We couldn't stop the voice,The AA couldn't either so talking cars went belly up I think.
    Mind the wife is worse when I'm driving!
  20. [​IMG] You've reminded me; up in my loft I have a raclette oven. You melt cheese (usually Swiss) on it to put on roast spuds or toast or whatever. A present to the ex wife from her friend in Liechtenstein. Never used as it's got a silly eoroplug on it.

    I must get round to magging the veg chopper she bought, years ago. Put the stuff in the enclosure and bang the plunger up and down. Chops the veg a treat; quick and simple but try cleaning the bastard afterwards.

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