Doddery Careers Adviser, 45, takes on PRMC.


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Bergen said:
X.R.D said:
Nice one Ian

I plan to do a 52 mile ultra race next year for the RMBF. If I can spare a few quid ill through some your way.

'Kinnel that poor bloody dog is going to have it's work cut out dragging your arse round again.


:D 8) :wink:


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In light of the tragic news once again of another Royal Marine killed yesterday in Afghanistan, categorically no apologies for "bumping" this thread.

All donations, however small, to this worthy cause are very much appreciated.

The Royal Marines Charitable Trust Fund

The RM Charitable Trust Fund exists to maintain the efficiency and 'esprit de corps' of the Royal Marines and to provide support for those in need. In addition to benevolence work, there are many other calls upon this fund. These range from the provision of wreaths for Remembrance services, support to veterans reunions and the RM Museum to the construction and maintenance of war memorials.


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Many thanks Nobby on behalf of the charity, a very decent gesture.

I'm staggered the amount of support that is out there, the RM Charitable Trust Fund has reached 177% of the target for this particular venture set by Ian as you can see here:

wet_blobby said:
The long haired Sarnt'major has banned me from contributing for a while, I'm sorry. Please pass on my regards.

I'm not surprised Blobbs, I've seen the donation on XRDs 10K venture!

All for the same worthy cause, so it all counts in my book as it goes to the right place.