Documents for phsycometric test?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Dogboy, Feb 7, 2011.

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  1. Hi, i have my phsycometric test soon and have lost the letter. Which Documents do i need to take, and what will happen if i dont have one. Thanks
  2. Passport. National Insurance no. card, NHS Number. Certificates of education. AND the forms AFCO sent out to you. Which you have appeared
    to have lost. I recommend you contact your AFCO first thing in the morning. They are the authority. Good Luck with the test

    Possible excuse. You were cleaning for evening rounds on your houseboat, when a piece of flotsom hit the side of your vessel causing a 4 inch hole in the starboard side, below the waterline. Taking the nearest materiel you proceeded to shore up the hole with a large A4 size envelope and your hardback copy of the 1964 Seamanship Manual.( As you had seen from watching your favourite film Sink the Bismark). You regret sincerely your rash actions but felt the need to act decisively in order to prevent the need for counter flooding.:-D
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  3. Best of luck, What trade are you going for?
  4. Duty Idiot by the look of things.
  5. Lost important documents... probably going for writer:?
  6. Marine Commando, what do you do? Oh and it wasnt majorly important documents, It was the letter informing me of the date and time of my test and what i needed to take. Someone in my house had decide to tidy up (bin anything thats not theirs). I had already remembered the date and time and everything that i needed to take come to mention it. But seeing as i am so highly organised i decided to come and ask on here to make sure there wasn`t anything i forgot. :drool:
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  7. Yes there is something.

    The word 'Royal' at the beginning of your post.
  8. Oh well it wont keep me up at night
  9. Why does everyone on here be cocky with people if they aren`t perfect?
  10. Bit of friendly advice. Dont argue and call the regulars cocks. As they are the ones that are going to answer your questions. (learned from being a smartarse when I first joined). Also don't post silly threads that are just begging to have the piss taking out of you (again learned by experience). That being said good luck with your test.
  11. Actually I'm hurt.

    It was a genuine response to Dogboy's comment about forgetting something - the word 'Royal' is an integral part of the title for our friends in green/women's clothing/nothing.

    Only trying to help and I'm very upset.

    Well, when I say very...
  12. You don't 'do' it yet, come back when you pass out as a Royal Marine and I might tell you.
    Good to hear that you're so well organised that you leave documents, important or not, lying around for others to ditch.
    If you have such a photographic memory why did you feel it nescessary to waste bandwidth asking your dumbass question? Surely, you could have just used your total recall to simply remember what you needed to take along.
    Don't expect help if you throw tantrums when ribbed for being a c0ck.
  13. Perhaps pedantic, but the preferred spelling is psychometric.
  14. Yeah, perhaps LOL,
    I know loads of people in the navy and none of them are arse holes, cocky bastards and know it all`s. Must just be a select few. Could also explain why you all come on here to talk to like minded big headed *****, as i cant see you being tolerated in the real world. I also dont give a **** what job you do, how many years you have served, and how much you know. I asked a simple question on an internet forum, i didn`t need you to tell me what ive done wrong or wether i haven`t used the preffered spelling. Do you not think i realised that i made a stupid mistake? Or did you, but you thought you would do it anyway because it makes you feel better about yourself? Do you feel you have some sort of authority over me? Oh and i realise i have probabley made a load of spelling mistakes, I really couldn`t give a **** so dont bother telling me
  15. In that case, the people you know have lied to you.
  16. Good job i can be a bit like that my self then. I know it must be annoying a newbie asking stupid questions, i would call me a **** if i was in your shoes, but im not, but by making the odd mistake and learning from them and putting the work in hopefully one day i will be.
  17. witsend

    witsend War Hero Book Reviewer

    Jenny Dabber?

    Your confessing to be a bit of a liar? :slow:

    Your doing well "young masterbater", Rocco has you on his radar for the next entry class.
  18. No i am not a liar. Yes i do masterbate regularly thanks. Who`s Rocco and why am i on his radar?

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