Doctors on Strike

I am fed up listening to the gnashing of teeth and wailing about doctors pensions. If the whingers had worked hard at school and gone through the extensive medical training they too would be on a pension any of us would like to be in receipt of. Good luck to them I say, as a doc on the news said the problem is the intransigence of government in refusing to sit down with them and negotiate, and we all know that MP’s are disgracefully delaying any reform to their own gold –plated pensions, ‘we are all in it together’; no shit!
It is true that Doctors have been in receipt of many years of training much of it at the expense of the taxpayer.Whether it entitles them to be considered a special case and have favourable terms in their pension arrangements is another matter.Millions have had to accept that their final pension date and how much they will receive has had to be changed otherwise the burden on the non-public sector taxpayers would be unbearable.To not face up to this problem now is to head down the same road as Greece and we definitely would not enjoy the shit sandwich they're having to take a bite out of.
Well I will put it this way, my bessie oppo who joined as a MEA worked hard, studied and left as a two and a half ringer. Whenever I see him 'the green eyed he has a better pension than I monster' does not rear it's head and why should it.
The wife had a blood test on Tuesday. Today,at 0900 the start of the "strike" action, the wife gets a call from her GP who stated that the platelets had dropped to 29. The GP had already made an appointment for her to be seen by a Consultant at 1100. In and out of the Dept by 1120. Wife said to the Consultant, that she had doubts about going as she was "on strike", to which he replied that he had considered standing outside the hospital with a banner, stating "reasonably well off, but open to a more favourable offers.
more of a political strike than an industrial one.
Doesn't really affect us here in Stoke as Thursday has always been half day closing for GP's for years.
Its more a symbolic protest I think.
They do get paid a lot but a majority do work hard and they do pay a lot into their pension as well.
Most clinics were open as usual and those that were postponed will be fast tracked anyway.


As a Serving Officer I obviously cannot strike. I, however, am annoyed at how the whole thing has been handled. The BMA, which alleges to be a trade union, called the industrial action at the request of its membership (which doesn't include me). The reason isn't about pension contributions per se, it is about the fact that doctors are expected to pay 14% contribution as against the 7% contribution civil servants and other public servants with a similar salary are expected to contribute. It is this disparity that caused the problems. Noone is arguing that doctors are not well paid - we are just asking why we have been victimised for a raping over pensions.

Unfortunately the BMA couldn't organise their way out of a wet paper bag and failed miserably to convey this message - hence the Jeremy Vine show packed full of angry Daily Mail readers.
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