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Lantern Swinger
Yes , but only to see the Daleks. As a kid I found the cybermen scary, but don't you think the Cybermen are a bit gay now ? Possibly because Dr Who is now written by the guy who wrote " Queer as Folk "
Never quite got into it , have tried , but found it so boring , now show the Green Wing and I'm hooked , brilliant :twisted: :roll:
I was never really a Dr Who fan either. However my ten year old is mad about it and I began to sit with him on a saturday evening to watch it. I've been really impressed by the new stuff and ended up a fan in my own right. Hope they keep it up but it's a shame that young Piper is leaving. :wink:
Billie does it for me.

I've never liked the ginger whinger, so when he got tied up to her, I thought there was something a tad dodgy there, her being so young,but she seems to have weathered the storm, so to speak.

I think she's really blossomed since striking out on her own, making the part of Dr Who's right hand woman her own, so I was a bit surprised when she said she wanted to avoid being typecast. Obviously an ambitious girly, and is determined to get other parts.

Best her relief is worth looking forward to in the next series.
Graybags said:
I agree DonDon
1st series was better
2nd series not too good, alas they aren't making another one !!
Are you referring to the original first series in the sixties? If so, I remember watching the first episode with my younger brother and have been hooked on it ever since.
Best doctor? My vote goes to Tom Baker. Who is yours?

The new companion will be Freema Agyeman who was in an earlier episode (Army of Ghosts) and has also been in The Bill (who hasn't been) and Crossroads (she was young and needed the money!). She will be the 3rd companion to the 10th Doctor but won't be appearing in the Christmas special (although Catherine Tate will be) - 'The Runaway Bride'. She is big into martial arts so expect some cyber-kicking.

Loved the last series - hope Billie Piper does some serious drama; she has lots of potential.
I was trying figure out what the "Runaway Bride" had to do with marital arts. Then I put my beer down and read it again; and all became clear.

Ah, Billie Piper! I agree; she already has some really great parts.

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