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Docter Kelly....Murder?

I should really put this in Current Affairs but that can have fairly high brow moderating and I guess I'm a conspiracy theorist so lets whack it in here and everyone can have a say so.

I've always reckoned he got topped. I dunno who did it though, MI whatever, CIA or the Iraqis, he'd managed to p1ss a few people off by being an honest, no nonsense bloke. The truth will come out one day.
Yep,could not agree more,what man tops himself just before his daughters wedding. One thing is for sure Tony Blair and Alister Campbell know the truth,even if they don't know the meaning of the word. :twisted:
Would say your right W_B. Someone didnt want a book being published in the future. On Anderw Marrs 'History of modern Britain'. he refers to the place where Dr Kelly 'apparently' commited suicide.Seems to be an open secret that he was slotted.
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