Discussion in 'Royal Naval Reserve (RNR)' started by LeeMadz, Oct 21, 2013.

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  1. Hi all, great forum. In the process of getting started in signing up to the RNR and have booked in at President for pre joining lectures on the 5th Nov. I understand I will need some service docs from when I was a regular full timer but I have none of these, anyone know which docs I will need so I can get the ball rolling on copies. From memory things like this take some time......

    Cheers, Lee.
  2. Have asked on the online AFCO chat thing on the RN website, they don't know either. In fact they didn't know anything about anything, bit of an arse feature tbh. =-\\\\\\\\
  3. Give you local AFCO a buzz mate. They'll know exactly what you need and where to get it from. I believe your discharge docs is one thing they'll need - possibly your medical?

    Good luck.
  4. Yeah thats all the online people say, ring the number.... Complete waste of money tbh. I left a few years ago as a killik phot via 45 commando after time spent as a Lynx AEM. You would think the process is a bit easier for time spent able bodied chaps, but thats the reason I chose not to re-enter as a phot when I was told I would have to be a AB. Not knocking AB's but the job I do now in Fleet Street there is no way on earth I would enter as a AB Phot which is what they wanted me to do. Branch change where I won't mind as much taking the shit is the way. Getting on a bit but I know what I can do and take. Lol
  5. In all serioussness though, what is the thing with the docs? If i have been left long enough to be treated as a Joe Bloggs off the street what need is there for docs from when I was a regular? Null and void by the sounds....????
  6. Div docs are null and void with the advent of JPA anyway. Discharge docs will be held somewhere, an AFCO might know. Ninja Stoker?
  7. You sound ever so important. Why do you want to rejoin?
  8. No idea who you are, but i left for reasons of my concern and tbvh i do a LOT for the RN in the job I do. Never left if you like... Care to answer my initial question and stop trolling?
  9. exJenny

    exJenny War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You've been advised twice already but just in case... Contact your nearest AFCO.
  10. I got that. Was answering elsewhere. Thank you for the replies. ;)
  11. You get one copy only of your discharge certificate, form RN S 1560, duplicates are not issued although it does state on the form that application for statement of service can be made if required although, being pusser, it doesn't where from or how.

    It's in BR 8748 Chap6 according to mine and I also got a certificate of qualifications (form RN S 2616). I'm assuming you still get these as I left in 2007 and I'm also assuming these are what are required.

    Not forgetting the marvellous piece of paper called a Valedictory Certificate, mines the dogs bollocks, as it should be, because I wrote it :)
  12. Thanks mate. Might just not tell them I served already and see if they manage to find out. If they manage that and need them docs..... Lol. ;)
  13. Start searching the loft for any proof of service, if you front up with no evidence it could be a long wait!
  14. I've got my vets badge and medals. They managed to find me to issue them, my original leaving docs went in a house fire unfortunately.
  15. On a serious note i'll bell them tomorrow. Will post back with the procedure for future reference.
  16. Google is your friend;

    DNPers Disclosure Cell
    MP G-2
    Room 48
    West Battery
    Whale Island
    PO2 8DX

    Tel- 023 92 62 8667 or 8666 or 8670 or 8671 or 8654.
  17. Thank you Trehorn, I had tried googling but didn't find that. Just spoke to local careers office, seems I just need to go down there and give my service details and they send off for what they need to process me through. :)
    Last edited: Oct 22, 2013
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    If you've lost your discharge docs, the reason they're required becomes apparent. If it was a medical or disciplinary category of discharge, it will directly affect suitability for further employment.

    There is a Subject Access Request form on the Gov.UK website which must be downloaded and sent to the disclosure cell at West Battery.

    Last guy I processed that couldn't find his docs was discharged after a positive CDT. The one before? A convicted paedophile.
  19. You're lucky. Most of em just give you the forms. Good luck.
  20. Yeah, chap on the phone mentioned the reasons, no worries on all counts in this department. I merely handed in my notice and left walking and firing on all cylinders.

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