Dockyard Dits

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Ramamses, Feb 1, 2008.

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  1. Re: HMS Raleigh- Joining Tips

    Well I,ve just got up this morning in absolutely freezing weather here in Scotland and remembered a tip I wish i had been given when joining the navy.Buy some thermal undies for gods sake.
    It may appear wimpish but after doing a spell of duty in pussers trousers in a freezing gale for hours you,ll thank me for ever if your wearing a pair.
    I still remember the cold raising anchor in Portland harbour at 6am in the morning , I had never seen before my hands looking that blue colour before.
    Just be discreet and do not allow them to show .
    also get ready for all the naval teminology thats coming your way and the laughs and japes that people will have at your expense.
    The Duty watch does NOT require a key from stores.
    The Liberty Boat does NOT require a pair of oars.
    Best one i heard happened on board HMS Ardent . The chief stoker sent a jmem away to get some air hose from stores.
    He came back some time later with three mars bars. To which the chief expessed in deletives his thoughts and asked why he was being given three mars bars.
    The JMEM replied that the naffi had not got any Areoes and so he substituted mars bars instead.
  2. Re: HMS Raleigh- Joining Tips

    PMSL!!! :biggrin:

    PS: (As a stupid civvy here): was the air hose a wind up or does it really exist? :confused: :slow:
  3. Should have asked for 4 Candles.(Fork Handles)
  4. Contribitor Mode

    While we are on dockyard dits can any anybody throw light on either the Blake or Tiger shooting the dockyard wall in Pompey or Guzz about 1966 or was it just a nasty rumour to discredit skimmers.

    Have search Goole high and low perhaps I am using the wrong words.

    Thanks in anticipation

  5. Tiger in Guzz if my memory hasn't gone completely

  6. Nutty, Goole's up north, mate. I doubt if either Tiger or Blake ever made it there.

    I'll give odds you never made it there, either!
  7. I didn't notice that Streaky - nice one, (more polite than saying your spelling is crap)
  8. Tiger, Guzz 1966. She was in dry dock with most of the lads on leave. Can't remember which 6" turret was being worked on, it was a blank shell but live cordite.

  9. Nutty has a slight phobia about setting foot north of Watford Gap Services!

  10. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Lion [NOT MY TIGER !!!!!!!] in Guzz abt 1961 I think or maybe later (possibly I remember this from being in Guzz in '66). The 6" Mk 26 had a dummy running arrangement for testing the automated ammunition supply necessary to achieve 20 rounds per gun per minute particularly at high angles. For this a number of dummy cartridges and shell were provided and the results were ejected onto a wooden strongback in rear of the turret. On this occasion a live cartridge had been loaded together with the dummies [THIS SHOULD NOT BE POSSIBLE] and WOOMFAH! an inert dummy shell roared off, hit a crane (rather pissed-off the matey in its cab high up there) and rico'd off into a dockyard bus, to the dismay of its passengers. Fortunately nobody was hurt. Or so I heard.

    Lion's after turret was an electrical rehash of the other oily ones - Vickers' chief design draughtsman got his head caught in the works on one occasion while, I suppose, trying to figure out why the relays all jumped whenever the guns fired. Which they do, but Vickers hadn't figured on that. Their oily version had a trick of its own which was to spring hydraulic leaks on firing so that the fluid all drained down into the shell room and had to be baled out with buckets. Fresh fluid was stored in an array of 40 gal drums on the boat deck. The companion armament the 3" 70 was also a nightmare and used to smash up live amunition fairly regularly. The whole thing cost millions and was one ginormous ballsup. The first Captain of Tiger, Dickie Washbourn (Kiwi G of Achilles at the River Plate battle in 1939, one of the hands in his 6" director had to fight the action sitting in a dead man's lap) knew we had all this coming and tried to refuse to sign for the ship in 1959 but was told not to be so nasty as it would affect Vickers share price (so I heard). Vickers' team in Tiger in 1959 was headed by a bod who had been sent off as a Vickers civvie in PoW to sink the Bismarck - it was failure of Vickers' turret (forward 14" quad) that meant PoW had to withdraw after Hood was sunk. A great British engineering firm.
  11. Good one Streaky, its just lots of places are North of Oxford Street, London W1 but they do not actually count so I thought they may help in a tin'ternet search.

    Nutty Now back to this dit
  12. Thanks Seaweed

  13. I'm sure it was LION - one shell hit the dock wall, the other was never found - presumably there is a rabbit family somewhere near Cremyll who had an instant burrow dug for them. Will check with a few old mates who were Yardies at the time.
  14. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oh dear - now I've found a write up which says it was indeed my Tiger, in 1961 a few months after I left - but maybe it could have happened to Lion as well.
  15. I was refitting the Cachalot in Guzz in 66 when the incident occurred. I'm pretty sure it was Tiger, and seem to remember that the shell hit one of the dockyard cranes before whizzing round the rest of the dockyard.
    No casualties, but several Janners dropped their Oggies.
  16. yea I remember i think it was Tiger doing 6" gun drill ,A live cordite was sent up from the mag and was loaded with a blank drill shell gun was fired and a big oops was had by all .i was in pompy at the time on my first ship glamorgan

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