Doc, I've got a splinter.....

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Shakey, Dec 5, 2006.

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  1. Apparently this bloke was in a fast RIB, crashed and hit a fence post.

    He made a full recovery. 8O


    Edited: Sorry, according to it was a motor vehicle accident and he didn't make a full recovery. He died.
  2. Shakey, didnt feel to good after looking at this thread , ouch !, poor bloke, what a shame.
  3. I know what you mean Bob, someone sent me this at work a couple of months ago - made me come over all peculiar 8O
  4. Seen that before and am still amazed he actually survived.
  5. Said at the bottom of piccy he died ?
  6. Think I'm gonna spew 8O
  7. Thats how it makes me feel JD, does anyone really know if he recovered or died ?
  8. Poor chap
    looking at his mottled legs the log may have nicked his descending aorta or other major blood vessels in his pelvic cavity. In which case he's pretty fucked anyway.

    he dont look like he gonna play the Piano again!Nasty colur on that left leg and his Family Jewels look less than rosy!i should imagine apart from massive pelvic skeletal damage his bowels will be a tad knackered.I think he will be a colostomy candidate(assuming he survived) as the nerve damage would be considerable.

    now this young lady didnt make it,this is what happens if you race powerful cars!!!

    This was a porsche,Papa gave it to his little girl on her 19th Birthday!

    Not much brains obviously!

    this is what happens!DONT SPEED AND RACE!!!!People have to sort this out and you also have a devastated family to boot.
  10. I'm pretty sure the log DESTROYED his descending aorta and other major blood vessels in his pelvis cavity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!You're not going to get this "splinter" out with a needle are you!! Poor bastard. :(
  11. Yeah too true!!
    Had an old boy last week with a AAA, no radial bi-lat and again pretty fucked really!! Got some fluids up after trying to find a vein for ages and got him into hospital ASAP!! yes my arse was twitching in the back of the ambulance!! :lol:
  12. Reminds me of a trip to Papworth with a patient with a suspected Transected aorta!We had a meat waggon full of blood and haemacell,took us 4 and a bit hours as we were driving through a blizzard,vis about 10 meters,we had a police escort,sliding all over the show.Luckily all was well!Was a bit tense at one point though!
  13. Some people never fucking learn do they!! I'm one of the poor unfortunates who has to sort this shit out and i can assure you that it really does pain me when i see people driving like complete twats!!! My usual slogan when a motorbike or high powered car passes me in is "see you on the longboard" (thats a spinal board to those not in the know)
  14. Indeed,i see it every day,just crazy driving.Luckily i no longer have to scrape up the remains of these events.Lets hope these shocking pics concentrate a few minds over the forthcoming Festive Season.
  15. Not as scary as trying to work on a patient in the back of an ambulance on your own whilst the drivers throwing it around like a mad man!! ABCDE's Andy and lots of diesel!!! 8O
  16. Nope i take my hats off to you Ambulance service chaps you do a bloody damn good job.Shame we cant have the same kit as the Septics do!When we covered London on the 1982 Ambulance strike we had Army Landy Ambulances and a box of bandages!We had to raid Woolwich MH for Cervical collars and other essential kit!ah how time has changed LOL
  17. Thanks for that Andy, it's nice to be appreciated!! yes it would be nice to have the same kit as the septics. Instead i have to work on sub-standard ambulances with broken or near to broken equipment!! Nice!! :cry:
  18. Rather interesting I thought. My legs below the knee look have looked similar, though the veins/capiliaries are not as extensivly pronounced, since I developed lymphoedema. An odd thing to appear for a water retention problem. :?
  19. I will second that about hats off to you boys! I'm no medic but think all nurses, doctors, surgeons etc etc, do a fantastic job under the cicumstances and earn every penny they make!! So there!
  20. Thank you stripey. :p yes it has it's moments. Mind you people only see us when we're sitting outside Mcdonalds on yet another pointless standby drinking their sub-standard tea!! :? I've had quite a few rather poorly patients over the last few weeks culminating in a a bloke going into SVT (thats for andym) on me and looking extremely grey. Cough mate cough!!! (that stimulates a nerve that slows the heart down in laymans terms!!) Every day is a school day in my job. Only been doing it for the Ambulance service for 2 years but my past background has helped no end. :lol:

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