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Do your birds friends think you are a pervert?


Lantern Swinger
Since getting hitched and spending more time with the mrs friends have begun to notice a cooling off period towards me...........!!!! Think they must have noticed me ogling them everytime they bend over, spending more time checking their bag meals out than looking at them when in conversation etc and generally turning the conversation round to sex and if theyre getting it and from whom at the drop of a beret.............and thats without them knowing what I'm really thinking!!!! Anyone else getting the cold shoulder from her indoors's oppos??????!!!!


My mates {micmic} stepdaughter calls me Hannibil Lecter for some strange reason , I have no idea why ,


Lantern Swinger
it gets worse when you have girls and they grow up and want sleepovers, their mates look at you like your from mars, and their mums (usually your wifes oppos) could kill you with a glance, jut cause i suggest playing twister ??? i dont get it!!


War Hero
Don't know about your birds thinking you're a pervert - my 2nd youngest daughter (37) thinks I am after she found out I screwed her mate in the pub car park last year.................
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