Do you want to review books for Rum Ration?


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Do you fancy reviewing books for Rum Ration? If so drop me a PM and we will take things from there.

All we are looking for is an honest review of the book you have read, if you like it say so and why, but if you did not like it also say so and why. It is this honesty which keeps us appealling to publishers who normally just get what reviewers think they want to hear. Our role is to tell Rummers what is good and not so good and thaty is where our loyalty lies.

The job is fun buit does have responsubilities, if you take a book you are commiting yourself to a review after reading it. If you ever have a problem with a book then just let me know and I will sort something out.

As I say, if you want to give it a go then drop me a PM.

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