Do You Want To Pay 100 pounds Per Month Car Tax?

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Lingyai said:
I guess you will have all got your email from big tony by now ref: that petition. They are basicaly going to do what they want anyway, so a waste of an email really. In my opinion the best thing to do is have toll roads and bin car tax or take it right down. Or have elevated toll roads like here in Bangkok, if you want to go faster you pay the money and use the elevated tollway, if you are too tight to pay, you use the normal roads and sit in traffic.
I hope the UK doesn't end up with the traffic problems we have here, but it probably will eventualy. I pity the people who have to commute to work every day, I know I would become enraged, I just don't have the tolerence for traffic jams.

Seadog, any chance you could not delete this post please?

Blimey hate to see your road rage Lingyai :twisted:
Yeah, it can be a problem, some fools ran into the back of me 2 weeks after I bought my first car and I was on my way to see my parents. The insurance claim took ages because they tried to sue me because I had a little bit of a sad on and the blokes missus went into shock and tried to say it was me that put her into shock, not the accident??? Crazy fool.
If only people would take the time to get to know me and see my sensitive side..... :sad:
Curse that accidental overdose of gamma radiation.... :evil:


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yes got my reply
blah blah blah........ same old thing we vote they ...dont care a feck... good ord i must be getting old ,,,im taking notice of politicking (an yes thats a real word,,,)


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I thought I'd been ignored and not been sent an E Mail from our illustrious lieder .

Then I found it skulking in my Junk File, my PC has obviously been taught well.

Says it all really



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I`ll never happen … just like the pole tax and the millennium bug…
These no. 10 petitions are just a way to get Email addresses off forthright people so they can canvas you at the next election.
Wait and see.



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I asked my neighbour the other day what he thought about this subject; this is what he told me:

I am not of need the road tax disc you call for. I Polish member of EU and come to make good the work on fruit picking farm outside Canterbury.

My Big Boss he drive me and my co-working co-operatives to and from the free bedsit your friendly government provided me; when I not working at the fruity fields I use my food voucher to be buying from Aldi the scratching cards.

But most of all I am enjoying the free cars I and my friend Sergei have finding in the roads. Peoples leave window of Ford and Rover open and I have to do is getting in the inside, like in the song by Huey Lewis. When the petrol fuel is gone out, I drop car and collect other one - just like my journey from back East.

One days soonest I am hope to be able to afford my own wheels. Then I am will buy tax for this.

Thank yous, Mr Tony, for letting me having this free services I don't pay for. I looking forward to letting you come to my country to also make useage of my things!
[Disclaimer: JOKE!]


UncleAlbert said:
I`ll never happen … just like the pole tax and the millennium bug…
These no. 10 petitions are just a way to get Email addresses off forthright people so they can canvas you at the next election.
Wait and see.


Never thought of that "UA" , big brother everywhere , your so right though , got us all mapped out anyway , :twisted:
It would appear that your illustrious Government have now changed track as Millions of you e-mailed No.10

Times Report

Todays time states that Government have no announced a Zone System i.e. you will pay a fixed rate for each mile you drive in that zone on what ever road be it motorway of a village cu-de-sac. You black box will only tell them how many miles, in what zone, you have driven.

1. So now its not a measure to reduces cars on congested heavily used road.
2. Driving through a village will cost you more in miles than staying on a gridlocked motorway
3. Quote from Times " as already happens in London where people divert around the £8-a-day congestion zone. “It wouldn’t pay you to come off busy roads on to quiet roads because you would still be in the same zone.â€
4. They want to put a Taxi meter in your car.

Now they are trying to hide behind the fact they are protecting your privacy and raising more tax is not the problem. Who cares about the Privacy bit if like 90% of us you have nothing to hide than whats the problem. Its is just a revenue raising exercise.

Still I will no longer fly to UK and rent a car, who will then take payment for any miles driven from my credit card. It will be cheaper to drive my Spanish car to the UK and then pay nothing in road charges cos I will not have a black box fitted.

Having watched the machinations over the failed attempt to get congestion charging established in Edinburgh, and having initially supported itin principle, and then having like most of my fellow citizens voted against the planned implementation scheme, I am convinced the attraction of such schemes and general road pricing to the labor party is that it is a new limitless tax.

One of the main reasons the Edinburgh scheme was voted down by the citizens was that essentials like park and ride facilities were not going to be built until they had been collecting the tax for several years so some peple would have no legal option but to pay, and that a fair proportion of the 'profit' was to be spent on go faster lefty goodies that had little to do with congestion.