Do you want to be an Aircrewman and get Flying pay

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by contactin, Sep 29, 2008.

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  1. You can apply for Transfer to the Aircrewman branch If you are currently:

    Serving RN / RM male or female from any branch
    Under 30
    Lantern 2
    Recommended for L/H
    Passed swimming test
    Medically and Physically fit.

    Please don't bother taking the piss because if that's all you have got to do then you need to grow up get a life as this is a serious post aimed at people who might not even know that Ratings can be full time Aircrew in the RN/RM
  2. You should want to Be an Aircrewman . First and foremost , the flying pay is secondry :thumright: Same for Divers and diving pay. Fact :thumright:
  3. Scouse,

    I think I know who you are. Your views are way out of date to say the least, on this and other Aircrewman related posts.

    You say that you were a killick crewman, well done mate. Maybe you should have stuck it out and then maybe you too could have been in a position to try and drive this branch forward instead of sniping about the old days. The old Navy (your Navy) was crap to be perfectly honest compared to the conditions and jobs that we have now. If it was that great why then did you leave?

    Considering that flying pay is a recruiting and retention initiative and not danger money, it is wholly appropriate to offer it up at the beginning and dangle it as bait. You are partially right you must want to be an Aircrewman first and fore most. However, to want to be an Aircrewman you must first know that the branch exists, hence this post and other, soon to happen Fleet wide initiatives to recruit to a branch that you bailed out on.

    MOD EDIT-Keep it civilised please. This is not Diamond Lil's.
  4. MOD EDIT-Keep it civilised please. This is not Diamond Lil's.

    And by the way, you probably just incurred the wrath of everyone on this forum. Prepare to get flak.
  5. What you need to remember too 'Bud' is that without people like Scouse, there may not have been a 'branch'.

    Every trade/branch has it's beginings. Aircrewman started life as secondary trades. To be promoted you had to qualify in your parent trade. be it Tiffy, LS, (sonar) or whatever. Then do your crewie things.

    Then in the early 70's it was decided, quite rightly, that aircrewman should be a branch on it's own.

    It has since then moved on, I cannot remember a time when the aircrewman branch was ever at full strength, but we got on with the job, (such as it was in the 'old days').

    I hope the branch goes on, but I do see it intigrating with the crabs eventually.

    Please don't take things so literaly. Or has the modern arcrewman lost his sense of humour!!! Chill. :thumright: Because it sounds reading your posts that the fun has gone from flying. If so I'm glad I lived through Wasps, Wx 5's and Sea Kings's 1,2,5's and 6's. Flying was not just a career but fun too. Something worth getting up in the morning for.

    I suppose skiing across Portland harbour on your arse on the end of the winch wire is out of the question now. Or do fun things still happen when secondary role flying!!!! Serious question.

    But I agree with your thread. Anyone interested in a career in flying then give the Aircrewmans branch a good look. Hard work qualifying, but the rewards were always worth the effort.

    Ex POAF ex CAcmn
  6. Waspie,

    No the fun has not gone out of flying at all and the branch has moved on by miles.

    Yes we respect those that went before us and as you are probally aware many keep in touch with all generations through the Association. You are right I probally do need to take a chill pill. However, it is rather annoying when serious posts are made and there are snipes from people who are not in touch with what is happening today.

    The attributes required for the branch have not changed, however the role is now un-recognisable from the branch that I joined in 83. Is this for the better, yes. I and my counterparts at the head of the various arms of the branch all agree. We have fst promotion, PA spine and are more integrated with whole Squadron activities than ever before, which can only be good thing.

    If you are interested in what is happening today then ask we will be more than willing to share the information.
  7. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    Not taking the piss at all, it's probably commendable that you are attempting to drum up interest for the branch on a public forum, perhaps greater advertisement around the RN as a whole might be more appropriate and yield better results though.

    As an aside to that, attempting to put Scouse and his career down is probably not going to help your cause, as far as I can see his post was made in good humour (the emoticons give it away) and was totally undeserved of the reply he received. This is a public forum, not an advertising medium for shortage branches.

    If you are going to post ads for shortage branches on here, and please feel free to do so it may just make people more aware of the opportunities, at least expect to engage in the resultant public interest proportionately. The previous Fleet MOD's edit would suggest that he isn't going to allow your serious thread to be reduced to a slanging match.
  8. YES !! i want to be an aircrewman !! but its bloody hard to find out how to become one.

    could you expand a little please ? i'm always wanted to work with or on aircraft in The RN. but for reason's i don't know i'm not allowed to go in as one :-(. so i was given the choise of getting in doing my second option WS or waiting 6 month to find out that they may not actually let any one do it after all.

    Lantern 2- not a clue what this means :-(
  9. Lantern 2 - An eye test using a lantern and coloured filters to check for colour blindness.
  10. If your serious about becoming a 'crewie', and have a flight or on a ship with aircraft then make contact with any of the aircrew, rating or officer. They will be more than pleased to wax lyrical about there business. Show you around and arrange a flight if it's at all possible. But don't expect them to look for you - it just won't happen.

    If no aircraft near you. Get your DO to get more info for you.

    Swing the lights bit. In my day, (yawn), I had to do all the running, all three times. Passed 3rd attempt. (A bit thick ya see :lol: )

    If you were not allowed to work on aircraft for say your eyes, colour perception, then I would say, and I am not an authority, that you would not pass the aircrew medical. You had to be B1. Full vision, Colour Perception 1, thats the lantern test and a few others. Depth perception for one.

    If your keen then get moving, I believe 26 is the max age, get in now before they go down the direct entry route which is a rumour that appears to be gathering pace.

    Once you set the ball in motion, request to change branch, start to read quality papers, your general knowledge will be tested too. I bored them to death on the interview as Chairman Moa Tse Tung had died a few days before. I gave em both barrels, never came up for air.
  11. the_matelot

    the_matelot War Hero Moderator

    I'm slightly confused-does the Lantern2 refer to the colour perception test or does it refer to you must have obtained Level 2 in the LANTERN (Literacy and Numeracy Test)?

    For the older bods, LANTERN has replaced NAMET and was brought in to align with the Skills for Life initiative. Upon joining, you are expected to reach Level 1 within 3 years or promotion to Leading Hand (whichever is sooner) and to reach Level 2 with 8 years or promotion to Petty Officer (again, whichever is sooner).

    Contactin, is there any particular reason why there is NO visibility of this supposed drive for more ACMN's in the Fleet or training environments?
  12. Can't speak of today. The Lantern test in days of yor referred to an eyesight test.

    The NAMET replacement occurred after my time so can't comment.

    I cannot remember a time when the branch did actively recruit. Numbers in the branch are normally reflected in the attrition rate on course. It was not unusual for a course of twelve to be whittled down to two or three. I was lucky on my course we started as twelve and eleven passed out. (not passed in!!!!!!) :lol:
  13. The aircrew branch has changed beyond recognition since 1983.......................................crap!

    They were just as professional then as now...just differant technology....differant navy, differant A/C and differant men, (and ladies)
  14. I'd like to think so too.

    (And they don't have AS12's to play with now either!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol: )
  15. :oops: The call on firing in those early days was "Judy Judy Judy" The old AWI L/T Cowans DOG :oops: The other AWI L/T smooth boy :roll: Bridges
  16. On 829, our pretend ones were getting a tad crabby, so we took em into the dope shop for a repaint. But of course you have to remove the old paint first dont we slapped on this paint remover that was pretty stong stuff........stareted to burn the fiber glass on the fins didnt it.

    OOPs, well I was a Bombhead ya know!

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