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As a Dabber FISHEAD type I was surprised a few years back to get a draft to CULDROSE >>> The WAFFOOS were great to me and I made some good oppos there , I was asked by some Handlers if I would like a run ASHORE TO CAMBORNE as there is always plenty of CLACKER there , What does clacker mean ? I have been told it means pastry ? so did they mean the cornish pastys were nice there >>> they said if you were lucky you sometimes didnt even have to pay for CLACKER in CAMBORNE and if you did it was cheap ???? I declined the run ashore there as I went to Falmouth mostly .
Would that be the same as looking for the "GOLDEN RIVET" perhaps I am thinking there now I am to be sure. Time for a GUINNESS


War Hero
Percey you're not real! :roll:
Clacker = Crumpet = Fanny = Oh never mind its probably not for you anyway. Sheesh!
BTW if you do strike lucky, just remember what an old badgeman once told me," fanny will draw you, further than dynamite will blow you". So be on your guard my naive one :oops: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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