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Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by dustyjack, Oct 23, 2015.

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  1. If you've never heard of Reddit this will mean nothing to you, however for those of you who frequent the internet's greatest aid to procrastination, may I direct you to a sub-reddit that I am moderator of? If you feel so inclined, navigate to /r/TheRoyalNavy and have a look. I try and post Pussers related items every few days from stuff Ifind around the net and other people occasionally do the same too. so.....subscribe to the sub and post RN related stuff to your hearts content, be it news articles, pics, dits......all are welcome. Cheers
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  2. warestdufra.
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  3. Will check it out if I can tear myself away from other subs not gone wild though :/
  4. Gone wild is pretty damn good - but better than a sub dedicated to the RN? Tough call :)
    May I also reccommend Warshipporn - even though it's not mine, but oh, those sexy warships!!!
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