Do you really want to join up?


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If we were serious about helping newbies we'd have little stickman figures we could click on to help explain a point to the dumb fuckers.

A stickman carrying an appriopriate size bag, a stickman running on a tread mill, a stickman choosing an iron, a stickman visiting an AFCO or a Doctor.

That would seemlessly join the knowledge given out to yesterdays hero with what today's hero is aspiring too.


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This is what I'm talking about....
View attachment 3804
'Front lying exercise', whoever made that must be a phys guru as they're called Dorsal raises.

Whereas most 'noobs' who are undergoing selection do not help by asking stupid questions that make the rest of us look bad, myself and others have not relied on the asking of (many) stupid questions in regards to selection.

Quite a few just want answers bit can't be bothered to do the leg-work but no doubt this will come to bite them in the rear at interview stage (or during their career if they get through) anyway, we're not all that bad!!! :rolleyes:.
And the first question when the stickmen were posted would be along the lines of "I've just clicked a stickman, does that mean........". There out there, WB, you know it'll happen :)


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That stickman picture was all the Corp sent me, on the reverse is a nice picture of the Globe and buster and a joining date. (Even if the stickman didn't know a dorsal raise from a short back and sides)

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