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do you like muffin the mule?


War Hero
Andym wrote
So what about Moby Dick??????
Reminds me of a joke, " Jack sez to his oppo, lets go to the movies. Oppo sez whats on? Jack sez, Moby Dick. Oppo sez, don't like those sex films. Nah sez Jack, it's about Whales. Oppo sez, I don't like them Welsh bastards either!

Its only a joke Taff, I have went to school Anglesy :lol:


War Hero
Ouch. I'm sure the way Hig tells it - she was a Goddess who couldn't get enough of him but he had to "treat her mean to leave her keen". I believe she is still crying into her wine even now.



War Hero
I reckon this French bird Hig shagged was exactly that, a bird in form of an old Hen that went 'cluck, cluck' :)

He was literally spitting feathers afterwards.


War Hero
higthepig said:
Just thought i`d mention it in passing.

Seems to me that a lot of members are jealous of your ability to suffer for your country and put mind and body at risk by exchanging body fluids with a Frog. You should have been awarded "Le Crioix de Willy" for services above and beyond the call of duty.
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