Do you hear there....Radar Maintainer......Bridge.

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by 2_deck_dash, Sep 21, 2010.

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  1. What the fcukery has happened to my Gaydar in my sig block?

    Those of you with good memories will probably remember that it used to rotate the full 360 degrees indicating that there was some gay in the North West approaches of this exercise area.

    I found this to be a highly useful and informative tool but it appears to be on the blink, jumping around all over the place, I suspect vandalism.

    Could the duty maintainer please come and have a poke around with it for half a day and then fill out the defect report saying it is completely fcuked because they can't be arsed to fix it?

    Being the good dabber that I am, obviously I will close up for the rest of the day and stare at the screen hoping it might start working again miraculously.
  2. Re: Do you here there....Radar Maintainer......Bridge.

    Still indicates GAY in the direction of your avatar. Looks like it's in full working order to me.
  3. Re: Do you here there....Radar Maintainer......Bridge.

    Again, Tell's me you are riding the chocolate wizzway!!
  4. Re: Do you here there....Radar Maintainer......Bridge.

    It's working for me too, although I am yet to unzip that massive file of kiddy porn you just sent me, so that could go a long way to explaining your IT issues.
  5. Re: Do you here there....Radar Maintainer......Bridge.

    Hmmmm must be the console here at the air desk. It's just jumping around for me, completely skipping the North Western half. I reckon my work server has been subject to some sneaky censorship. I'm off to shoot the IT lady.
  6. Re: Do you here there....Radar Maintainer......Bridge.

    It works here, too.

    After a fashion that is :roll: - I seem to recall (rom my pinky days) that the convention was generally for a clockwise rotation, yours is ACW.

    Then those Range marker rings are far far too bright; you could be surrounded by hordes of other Gays, each group of 'em stealthily encircling you at the same distances out as those range markers but obscured

    You would never know until they all rushed you at once. By then it would be tooo late.......A rivetting spectacle. :wink:

    I could have fixed it for you - but I lent my claw hammer to Stirling on his recent visit sarf...... :twisted:
  7. Hmmm. Still dodgy. Definitely something queer going on.
  8. it works on my plot. Have you checked your console function incase some cheeky bugger has negged it? :lol:
  9. Satis on my machine. However, when you get the Pinkies round to mend your radar I would appreciate it if you would replace it with a 'B scope'. Not only will this remind one of days gone by but it will allow greater accuracy in detecting the azimuth of the 'target' and, therefore, better avoidance capability (or intercept capability depending on your preference :) ).

  10. Well negging my console function over night and rebooting the system appears to have sorted out the snag, normal gaydar service has now resumed, stand down SSEP, return and stow all gear, muster in the EMR for debrief by Charge Chief WE at 0900.
  11. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    WALT Alert

    No real sailor would expect a CCWEA to be out of his mess and turned to by 0900.........
  12. Fair one, that was a little presumptuous of me.

    ''Do hear there, disregard last pipe, gaydar maintenance debrief will now be after stand easy in the flat outside the Chief's mess. Any wrens attending should be advised that the CCWEA will be dressed in just his silk dressing gown, (you know the one he nicked from that whore in Thailand?) and his standard issue grey Chief's nicks. Bring tea and Jaffa cakes. That is all.''
  13. Dude there's no CCWEA's now either they're WO2's now :lol:
  14. Bullshit, next you'll be trying to convince me that baby tifs wear square rig, they've stopped the tot and all the Leanders have been sold to Pakistan!
  15. Gen dit no shit big man :lol: Even Deano (you know who) is a PO clubswinger lol

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