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Do You Fancy Reviewing Books for Rum Ration


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Book Reviewer
If you would like to try out reviewing books for RUM RATION then drop me a PM letting me know and perhaps saying what your reading preferences are.

All we are looking for is for you to read an allocated book and then write up a bit about the book informing the members of your considered opinion of the book. If it is great then say so but also if it is crap then that is a valid review - just say why you think that. Have a look at the reviews section and see the sort of thing we would like posted.

I try to send books that people would normally read but don't promise that. Indeed, several of our reviewers have been pleasantly surprised by some books they would not normally have read.

So, if you feel like having a go then let me know, by PM.


Book Reviewer
I'll maybe start up reviewing again now I have my first pair of reading specs. I'll feel comfortable posting in this thread now.
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