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Do you fancy being a book reviewer?

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Due to work/life commitments many of our reviewers have had to step back from Book Reviewing and I am now receiving more books than we have Reviewers.

I try to give people books/genre that they ask for but this is not always possible; however many have found that reading a book that would not normally be on their reading list has been very enjoyable and enlightening. Most of our books are Military History and non-fiction but not all as you will see from the reviews published so far. Don't just join in, you must have the time to read and write up a review for the book within a space of 3-4 weeks, depending on the size and complexity of the book in question. Don't worry about grammar, spelling etc - the main requirement is an honest review, your thoughts on what you have read.

This is quite worthwhile and gives a little bit back to the site and you get to keep the book, so can be a free way to fill up your bookshelf.

So, if you think you can write an honest review of a book and want to give it a go drop me a PM.


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I'd love to but my memory's so shit that by the time I've got to the end of a book, I've forgotten most of what I've read.


I wouldn't mind receiving a book to read. Even if my input after is minimal.

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Can do it in my 3 off or you can send a few for the 4 months on :)

Just the thoughts of a blonde ex wren


War Hero
Review Editor
Book Reviewer

the time commitment is totally up to yourselves. I generally send out a list of available books each month and you can decide if you have the time to take on a book. Generally I don't just send books on spec except where I know the reviewer has a special interest in that theme. Even then it has a caveat of return if no time to do, with no comeback from me.

Bluebird - the reviews are for your fellow members to give them an idea of the standard of the book and if it is/is not worth a punt. We don't do this for the publishers so don't write what you think they want to hear. It is an approach that the publishers at first found surprising yet a bit refreshing from their POV.

Only thing is if you agree to take one on, please do it. If you are still interested drop me a PM and I will respond to that.

I will close this thread for just now, any queries by PM please.
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