Do you consider yourself European?

I find it interesting that British people living overseas are "ex-pats" but those from overseas living here are "immigrants".

Given that the basis for most benfits is residency based, how many of the British citizen emmigrants are cliaming benefits they are entitled to from their country of residence? I wonder how many of them know what they might be entitled to. As posts above suggest they have not learned the language (other than OYO YOU-O BEER-O HERE-O) I suspect preciosu few.

Don't know if this is the right place to be posting this, however I couldn't really find an appropriate enough forum.

Well, Britons, do you?

I am English and hate people thinking that I'm European.

I do not like the idea of Britain being a part of Europe. I understand that we have to do with the EU, which I don't like either. I have come across people lately that think the UK is a part of Europe. Is it? Why is it? Is it a geographical thing? Is it a cultural thing? Is it a political thing?

I've read multiple things on the internet, people say we're European because we're a part of the European continent, I've read others say we're not because we're not a part of that continent. Are we apart of that continent?

I don't actually know if we are a part of the continent or not. I most definitely do not consider myself European. I'd really like to hear what you have to say to this.
It's a politico-economic thing, a marriage, no a dalliance really, of convenience.
I'm English, from the Marches but definitely English. I live in Wales now and one thing I've learned is that the Welsh are only Welsh and if you call them anything else, including British, they'll tear your tonsils out and ram them up your arse. Same with the Sweaties. As for the N.Irish...they're just conflicted.
I've met very few people of any country in the UK who insist that they are European and those few all had one thing in common, they were all oh so superior cocks.
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