do you believe in ghosts?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by golden_rivet, May 19, 2008.

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  1. I'd love there to be ghosts. I'd like to talk to them. It's the historian in me. After all they are interested enough in us to stick around and see what's going on.

    I did see a funny shadow at work the other day ... I hope they want to chat and not just chase me howling and waving their bony fingers ... :whew:
  2. Don't believe in ghosts, but do believe in the spirit world. Large Woods please!
  3. LOL - me too - I just said I would like to believe in them - it would be so ... interesting ... :)
  4. I agree, though I have seen something that was very odd, late afternoon as darkness drew in, on a visit to the G Spot in 2002. I saw someone running towards me, though he was actually running towards the swimming pool of course. He wore a white duck suit and ran straight through the padlocked doors! I could hear his boots hit the ground (oops, sorry, I mean deck) and he was opaque. He looked like a real person. Now I didn't believe in ghosts prior to 2002 but I'm more open minded now. I checked the doors and they were definately locked. I hadn't drunk anything to make me hallucinate. So WHAT might I have seen?
  5. Can't explain this,but......was invited to tea and stickies at an old friends house not so long ago, couple well into thier 80,s. Later in the evening there was a tap on the window and we all looked around (as you do), to see a face the other side of the glass. "It's ok" says my old friend, "it's only my Dad"...then he says, "bugger me, he's been dead for thirty years!!".....I looked back and the face was gone.... I apologised for dropping my tea and made some excuse to leave!!! (think it was to change me nix!!).......can't explain that to this day!!
  6. Would like to think there are ghosts , loved the film Ghost especialy Demi Moore at the pottery wheel , mmmmmm , lovely .
  7. Bloody typical of you Dondon!! :thumright:
  8. There is said to be a woman on the moors that makes love, giving an orgasm so intense that you are likely to die from it.

    I have been going there for years, but no luck yet.
  9. Perhaps it is blunt, but i have to agree completely.
  10. We used to own one of George Formbys old houses and kid you not it was spooked (never found his banjo).... :thumright:

  11. Lol :thumright:
  12. Spirits and souls; I'm with you lads (and ladess) who believes dying is like switching a computer off. The RAM wipes clean and the organic ROM rots within minutes.

    G R. My old Nana (Mum's mum) was a member of the Spiritualist Church and you would have found some of the people she met fascinating. One rather odd but interesting man was at our house one evening when one of my friends came to visit. She was pulling his leg about fotune telling so he took her scarf and held it to his head. He was telling her all sorts of general but accurate things about her life (he'd never met her before) and told her what she had planned for the following Satuday; a pop thing with her musician boyfriend. After telling her what colour her bloke's car was, he then, suddenly, gave her the scarf back and wouldn't tell her any more. It made her a bit uneasy from what he had known about her but we all know it's a popular "magic" trick. The following Satuday night, she was killed when her bloke's car hit a tree. The next time we saw him we asked him about it but he didn't want to discuss it. Funny old World.
  13. As a kid I was sent to Sunday school every Sunday to learn all about God and Jesus etc. etc. By the time I was a teenager I had decided that was all a load of bollocks and that of course Darwin's theory of evolution makes perfect sense. I'm a scientist at heart and went on to get a degree in Biology and for many years have been convinced by the theory of evolution.

    However after reading Bill Bryson's "A Short Theory of Nearly Everything" I have to say I am not convinced there aren't other forces at work in the universe. No idea what they might be but the amount of accidents that have happened to get to where we are now are just to many to comprehend. If I think about it too much my head hurts!!! :frustrated: I could talk about this sort of stuff for ages after a few vodkas on a Saturday night.........

    I myself haven't had any weird experiences with ghosts, but I have mates who have and I wouldn't doubt their word.
  14. I see time as like layers of an onion and this is why we 'see' ghosts except that they are real people and we are looking into their life which is in the past if you get my meaning.
  15. Not really :biggrin:
  16. Have to agree. Don't believe in Ghosts. Feel that Religion / Supreme Being is a figment of the imagination which was just made up to control the masses. There are too many inconsistencies in the scriptures of every religion and too many similarities to make me think that people started jumping on the bandwagon when they say what a good control system / money spinner it is.
  17. So, this woman, whose car breaks down on the lonely moor, walks 2 miles to the dimly lit farmhouse and the farmer says sorry, no room but you can sleep in the barn til morning.

    So she crashes out in the barn but during the night is woken up by a sudden chill and finds a ghostly man lying beside her. Frozen with terror she is unable to resist as he has his wicked way with her.

    In the morning she complains to the farmer who scoffs at her storey and she goes on her way. Several months later she finds she is pregnant and unable to support herself and a child she decides to sue the farmer to try and get some money out of him for the child’s welfare.

    She presents her story in court which defence counsel describes as preposterous, “Can anyone believe this, I mean, can anyone in this courtroom say they have ever had sexual intercourse with a ghost?â€

    At this point Jack, in the back row, who has strayed in for a post lunchtime sesh nap wakes up. “Er, yes, I have.â€

    Even the beak is amazed, “Really sir, you’ve actually had sexual intercourse with a ghost?â€

    “Oh, I’m sorry†says Jack “I thought you sid goatâ€
  18. Rod

    Ah, you've been reading Pyotr Ouspensky's Tertium Organum, haven't you? :) I read it when I was at school, 30 years ago, after discussing philosophy with my Pottery Master! o_O

    It's a good book actually, even if it can be a bit opaque at times! :roll:

    Then again what was difficult reading at 15 might be easy reading at 45! :lol:

  19. :thumright: :thumright:

    Anyway --back to the thread!

    Kiwi is the same as me --the Darwin thing has too many holes in it for it to be totally consistent.
    The missing link-------we still have Orang-utangs and they haven't got any wiser . Maybe evolution is the natural selection of species and extinction to those ''types '' that don't /won't adapt to change.

    However -----with Human beings at some time in the history of this planet
    we started to have religions that believed in Gods or non terrestial beings.
    Every ancient peoples history seems to have had its own following . It was world wide not just the middle east . Monuments like stonehenge and various structures in S America come to mind. Somehow people suddenly became ''educated ''.
    I think maybe the old testament has a ring of truth in it .

    As for Ghosts -- I have an open mind .

    :nemo: :nemo:
  20. What holes in Darwin's theory ? - makes perfect sense to me. Evolution occurs over million of years so how can you say that Orang-utangs haven't got any wiser. Over what time span are you measuring their IQ?

    As for religion - sure its the 'opium of the people', always has been and, for some, always will be. But nowadays we have a new God. As science pushes the barriers of knowledge further outwards, anything that appears inexplicable must be the work of a superior being - hence God of the unexplained!

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