Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by charl_louize, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. If you are still doing your AS levels in order to get apply at Officer level, can you apply before you have actually got them?
    I'm currently awaiting an informal meeting with an Officer Recruitment person from Newcastle do I apply after speaking to him?
    Thanks :roll:
  2. and also anyone any further knowledge on what its like to be a logistics officer?
  3. You can indeed apply whilst studying.

    The Liaison Officer should be able to give you guidance on when to apply - see what he/she says.
  4. Thanks! Do you know anything about what's better - warfare officer or logistics officer?
  5. I wouldn't call either of them better than the other - they're just different. It all depends on what you want to do.

    Warfare is very "front line" orientated, eg navigation, watchkeeping on the bridge, comms, manning the ops room & directing the weapon systems etc.

    Logs is very support orientated, but also important - ensuring the ship is well supplied, everyone gets fed, possibly watchkeeping on the bridge as some have done. With warfare, you can expect to spend much more time at sea than a Logs Officer, especially for the first few years.

    You may want to ask the Careers Liaison Officer if you can get on a potential officer acquaint in Portsmouth which will give you the chance to speak with junior officers actually doing the job & visit a ship.
  6. Thanks! I am scared about the AIB as most people say. . . !
    I feel confident about fitness and the IQ type tests, but recognising certain ships from pictures is a rusty art I need to polish up on. . . and the medical worries me for some reason. . .
  7. You'll get chapter and verse on scheduling from the liaison officer, I don't imagine there is any issue with starting the process whilst you're still studying though.

    In terms of the two options, it really depends what motivates you. Warfare Officers usually spend their first few years concentrating on the ship driving aspect, maybe with a bit of a specialisation , say as a fighter controller, navigator etc then move onto be Principal Warfare Officers, sitting in the Ops room and directing the fighting effort. Alternative route is as aircrew. Warfare Officers can get to command, no other branch is legally permitted to do this.

    Loggies manage the various supply related trades; admin, finance, stores and movements, catering. Loggies spend a lot more time ashore but there are also more opportunities to work with the other services in the joint area.

    As far as AIB is concerned there is a fair bit of information on the board about it, but it's nothing to be too worried about. Spotting ships of photos isn't required ;) (just as well in my case)

    In terms of medical issues, I think uncontrolled Asthma is a problem, other than that I couldn't say.
  8. Ah ok. What about councilling for bereavement? I heard thats a touchy subject that you shouldn't mention until asked.
  9. Shouldn't be an issue tbh.
  10. thats my main obstacle. cheers anyway!

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