Do Wooka Wookas Navex to the Stan????

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by scouse, Jun 29, 2009.

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  1. Thinking that they are to big for Air Cargo???? What route and time does it take ( excluding the Crab time in 5* hotels!!!) TA :wink:
  2. Nope. An-124 I suspect.

    I seem to remember that they self deployed to Sierra Leonne however, routing via Spain and at least one African nation over about 3 days.

    They probably still beat the CVS there however! :wink:

  3. Mr Mushroom, that is exactly the sort of comment that will kick off paranoia on a grand scale among the woo's - and you wonder why they worry about machiavellian (?) plots!

    Now, i'll just take up my helmet and osprey and settle down here to watch the banter-war.
  4. They do fly by Crab Air. MASU transport and salvage pick up usually from
    Odiham 8O already deroled and stripped.

    Escort to Brize then onto crab air for transit to the stan.

    takes a few days in all depending if you can get the crab pilots out of the hotels.... :roll:
  5. Just so the ROE is clear:

    Banter is suffixed with :wink: or :D or 8)

    Machiavellian plots point scoring to absorb the FAA into the RAF, the RM into the RAF Regt or disband the RN in toto to allow reformation of RAF Marine Branch is suffixed with :roll: or :twisted:

    I know our smaller stuff does Bisley; I travelled back from Iraq in a C-17 with a SK4 in the boot. However, I would have thought the Wokka and possibly Merlin were too large, even for a C-17.

    Happy to be corrected however.

    MM :D
  6. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I heard somewhere the other day that a C17 could carry a Chinook plus other bits. Is that not correct?
  7. I stand corrected, TVM oily (although I note they did have to remove the gearboxes!).

    Yet another reason to bin A400M and buy more C-17s!!

  8. Yep chinooks were stripped right down for moves. (plus on previous post Not Benson but ODIHAM was having a bad memory day) :?

    Agree with second point. More C-17's. Good bit of kit. :lol:

  9. Agree 100%… and A400M is now probably going to cost as much as, or more per copy as a C-17 and will not meet it's design goals.

    If we rang up Boing today, C-17's would start chugging onto the ramp in about a years time - I will be mucho surprised if the already years late A400M prototype has even flown in a years time.
  10. Mind you, looking at that photo, if the silly crustacean sitting on top of the cab wasn't there, they could have left the gearboxes attached. And what sort of machine, claiming to be a helicopter, doesn't have whirly wings attached to it? Photshop! It's all part of a conspiracy I tell ya.

    As for getting there faster than a CVS, of course it will Crabmeister, 'Stan is desert n stuff, init. There's no way you'd get a CVS across all that sand. Mind you, if there's a zephyr of wind then I might take a punt on a CVS versus a helicopter :D
    No it's's well past the yardarm where I am
  11. Err, I was talking about Sierra Leone actually! :D


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