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Do we really need a Royal Navy ????

Scrap all Armed Forces and use saved monies to sponsor Peace Ambassadors/Ambassadresses to travel to the worlds hotspots and hug locals till they see the path to a peaceful existance.(Greenpeace treehugging lezzers will be given priority).....How long before they're screaming for someone to save them, but oh dear there is nobody but a Community Constable on Tuesday afternoons. :mrgreen:
Look you lot seem to be taking this topic as a joke, please may I show you a few points.The RN has gone to the dogs for the following reasons
a)Wimmen at sea- purely for manpower reasons.
b)Shirtlifters-Need I say anymore.
c)The Uniform -well ''jolly jack'' look's like a bus conductor now,fancy have epaulettes that have ''ROYAL NAVY'' written on them ,well your in the North Alantic walking along 2 deck and you look at your shoulder to see in gold''ROYAL NAVY'' well no shit I didnt realise that.
d)''Nelson Bop''Finished years ago -Why? It was class, after your train ride back to pompey from weekenders what better way to enjoy your sunday night than to get smashed trying to pull Portsmouths finest ladies.
c)Field Gun-No more prima donnas ponceing around with there gay 70's track suits on going on about when they were ''A'' crew last year and bungy lost his fingers.
d)All the Leanders have long gone,ok they always broke down but great to be on when its ''roughers''
e)No Deisel electric submarines-Now its all the Nuclear ones and there are only a few on them.Deisal submariners were legends,horrible, arrogant, pissed,smelly but good at fighting .
f) RN issue suit cases-The ones you tried to draw funny pictures on and you listed all your drafts on .

These are just a few reasons why the RN has changed for the worst.Ok not all of them but this is Diamond lil's.What do you lot miss that is long gone from the RN?
Deeps asked:
These are just a few reasons why the RN has changed for the worst.Ok not all of them but this is Diamond lil's.What do you lot miss that is long gone from the RN?[/quote]

The TOT. Runs ashore in Singers and Honkers!!!! :grin:
F169 said:
Deeps said:
Ok some good points so far, so if we did scrap the Navy what should we spend the money on? . I would have a wip round with the lads so we could buy our own T 23 Frigate and convert it into a night club.

Anyone remember the Clubship Landfall in Liverpool - a converted LCM?

Very Well indeed- good disco, even got me dancing a few times ! :shock:

As for scrapping the Navy - must be why the pollies (who work so hard) are demanding a 60% increase in their salaries, to offset the savings made when scrapping the poor old jack.... :neutral: :wink:
wompingwillow said:
I totally see your point, What real use is a navy any more, we have planes to get people to were they want to go and big planes to get equitment around.

Planes can be used to patrol the sea and coast line, and only need two people to man them not 100 plus.

I say scrap the Navy and give the budget to the RAF

Excuse me Mr Hussain, we're planning on invading your country to dispose of your evil regime, would you Mind awfully reserving us a small section of tarmac in a few of your airports to enable us to lad say three or four hundred thousand troops, not forgetting their stores and vehicles etc.

And if its not to much to ask could we borrow one of your palaces to enable us to cooardinate such an operation,

Much obliged,


Whats missing or not there anymore ?----Well the Gulli Gulli men with their compressed cardboard suitcases-----The recycled Rum Fanny's-----The Orchard Hotel----The Trocadero----Tiger tops in Raffles---- Tampax mansions-----Ronnie's bar at Halfar----catapulting dummy loads in Pompey harbour-----Telfer's meat pies at the gate snack bar----- Baron Strangling in Brighton----Minesweeping in the China Fleet Club-----The Kai boat---and the Goffa boat too------For exercise --rig the crash barrier----The queue of those Squeezing up outside the S/Bay-----Paludrin before scran-----Gib rabbit runs on the way home----and lots of other things.
Charlies hole in the wall at Gibraltar

Joannas (Royal Navy School of dancing)

Learning about being a sprog by having a mess square pit when the
killick of the mess is having an all night call round.
It seems like someone employed a coloured blind tailor since i joined up EG: Killocks hooks, used to be red, now gold
Wrens badges used to be blue, now gold
Hazardious duty life jackets used to be green, now blue
Steaming Bats, used to be black, sometimes brown!(brown, i ask you!)
Caps, used to be white, now dirty (or is that just the youth of today??)
Royal Navy, now pink and fluffy
The Army would be missed and the army didnt move the continent of Australia 500 miles to ensure the navy carrier project (CVA 01) didnt come to fruition!

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