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Do we really need a Royal Navy ????

There is a serious thread somewhere on this very subject, as this was posted in here i assume its not serious, if you want to talk shite this is the place.
Let's scrap the navy, then use the money saved to raise another RM Cdo and use it to pull the isle of Britain to the European coastline in order that we are no longer an island thus negating the necessity for a navy.
Maybe HMG are running it down with a view to privatisation? If that’s the case then bleedin hearts and/or fond memories won`t save the RN. The only chance might be a clever management consultant or an accountant who can show that the navy is an essential body that not only pays it`s way but makes a profit. Some chance. As I was a stoker, man and boy, I am very, Very pro navy but the question Deeps has asked is a fair one…an I`ll tell you why…
Once upon a time the senior service were the `Great` in Great Britain and we got all sorts of uses from the grey funnel line…What do we get now? bugger all, that’s what! The Royal Navy is, or was, there to protect the Merchant Navy, and let them go about their work around the world in peace, they say that there’s a pirate problem but it`s not in the English channel ..its in the Malacca Straits so if an effective deterrent is to be provided perhaps it should be in the form of an air patrol from Penang paid for by the shipping companies… the fishing fleet is no more because we couldn't protect them against foreign intervention…to our shame we use the navy to police positive discrimination against our fisherpersons as decreed by Brussels…(it seems these foreigners are now friends, and of course we can't open fire on friends. can we???... We're too small to invade anywhere and yet no one seems to care…well not this lot anyway… they still do it…There was a time when you could send in a Scottish regiment against the fuzzy wuzzies and they would mug their way to victory, now we send in the precision bombers and missiles to decimate the landscape, an anything that moves, then 5 minutes later there’s a Hercules transport dropping food parcels and blankets and condoms …..seems we’re just not out to win anymore..
So yes let’s privatise and reduce the fleet to half a dozen ships and use 'em for fishery protection and Coast Guard duties; at the same time reduce the booties to a couple of purely ceremonial regiments …Close the RAF down completely – air transport command could be handed over to Ryanair who would probably do it cheaper and quicker with more discipline… the top boys in the RNLI could be paid a bit more to bring them up to scratch an they could start a new section to take full control of the Coast Guard also they could look after Customs as well. immigration and duty free is a complete shambles .. so we don't need the Customs, do we…maybe they could be combined with the tax people its about revenue isn't it!....see it`s easy innit......

We will always need a navy. We are an island. We can never grow enough food for ourselves especially now that we are getting more immigrants everyday :!:
We can't rely on the Belgian navy, :twisted: They aren't big enough :grin:
Ok some good points so far, so if we did scrap the Navy what should we spend the money on? . I would have a wip round with the lads so we could buy our own T 23 Frigate and convert it into a night club.
Jimmy_Green said:
Just scrap the RAF. Build loads of aircraft carriers, portable airfields that can be pretty much taken where you want them. The RAF pilots can join the FAA (they can still fly into Welsh hillsides if they want to). The rest of the crabs can be farmed out between the Navy and Army. The pongos can do the logistics side that the crabs do now. The government can then flog off the old air force bases to build new prisons and houses for asylum seakers. Easy peasy.

That might not be such a bad idea, all the cash that could be made from selling the crabs bases would more than pay for a few super carriers (nuc's), something that would put the septics to shame. Crabs might get a bit upset though, ah well can't make an omlet an all that
i knew the navy was hard-up, but getting paid in chocolate? :shock:

Was that because when you left the Navy we were still on rationing and it was considered "a treat"?
Deeps said:
Ok some good points so far, so if we did scrap the Navy what should we spend the money on? . I would have a wip round with the lads so we could buy our own T 23 Frigate and convert it into a night club.

Anyone remember the Clubship Landfall in Liverpool - a converted LCM?

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