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Do we really need a Royal Navy ????


War Hero
I knoe I may get a bite or two on this topic but , do we really need a Royal Navy?The cold war is over, the ships patrolling the Gulf are in as much danger as they would be alongside in Pompey.RFA and Trident do the real work so lets bin the Navy and spend the money on important things like
a) Housing for immigrants
b) The arts, lets develop our young talent whilst they are still at school
c)Another RM COMMANDO, they do the real graft and actually earn medals.

The list is endless please give me your input.
Yes spend the money on drug rehabilitation rather than preventing drugs coming into the country.

Spending buying off foreign powers wishing us ill. Spend more money on insurance for when our merchant vessels suffer from piracy.

More money for aid to dictatorial regimes so they can keep their minorities and extremist oppressed, that way they wont have us as targets and will kill each other instead.

Fund the odd proxy war, again let others die not us. Pay the American to evacuate our civilians in an emergency.

Finally fund emigration from Britain for all those that consider life here without the Royal Navy would be f*cking dreadful.
1. Piracy is on the increase.
2. 85% of UK imports STILL come via sea.
3. Terrorists are quite capable of targeting ships on our sea lanes.
4. Drug-busts are on the increase at sea, thanks to the RN.
5. The capability to project our Governments Foreign Policy anywhere will remain just as important as it always has been.
6. I like foreign runs ashore :D
I totally see your point, What real use is a navy any more, we have planes to get people to were they want to go and big planes to get equitment around.

Planes can be used to patrol the sea and coast line, and only need two people to man them not 100 plus.

I say scrap the Navy and give the budget to the RAF


Lantern Swinger
You do of course remember that the U.K is an ISLAND nation?

Everybody thought we didn't need the RN in 1981, and that the crabs could get the kit to where it was required..... De Ja Vu?


War Hero

whilst you may intend for this thread to get bites and notwithstanding that Royal are an integral part of the Royal Navy, I think it is a very valid question. If only because so many politicians in Westminster have probably scratched their backsides and pondered the same question, without (I hope) having reached a conclusion. Some will have also thought that about the RAF too. Fewer perhaps about the Army because someone may have to protect them one day if those horrible pro-hunt and anti-ID types ever get guns, nay perhaps even sooner if London teenagers shift target.

The Americans have long been rightly suspicious of the European Security and Defence Initiative and one has to wonder at the (intentionally?)mixed messages the present UK government project to the US and Europe. In a Federal Europe (again a subject on which mixed messages are present from UK PLC) individual state armed forces will be unnecessary to represent the regions already designed. There will presumably be a requirement for federal agencies including a military element to protect European federal sovereign interests which other federal policing agencies are unable to do. A federal navy with intra-European crews is a logical arm of such a force.

Who/what poses a maritime threat to Europe?
a. Russia perhaps around North Cape and through the Bosphorous but with no carrier threat.
b. The African Littoral nations from an illegal immigration and smuggling perspective but a strong Coastguard should be able to cope.
c. An interruption to Oil supplies in the Middle East? but that is also a global issue and the US have carrier groups etc.
d. Terrorists? Unlike Admiral Mullen I think they are a policing issue.

In a Federal Europe previous national interests (EG Falklands, Tahiti etc) will be of little concern to the whole and will be negotiable with the likes of the Argentinians and Chinese.

A federal navy should be able to cope with:
1. a limited nuclear deterrent - 4 SSBNs - with European designed ICBNs.
2. Twelve to fifteen frigates (SNFL & SNFMed)
3. An MCM force to keep the ports open.
If Europe wants to be a world peacekeeper (very expensive and therefore unlikely) an expeditionary capability would be desirable but not essential, for they can sponsor the African Union and rely on the UN and US and contracted lift efforts.

So there you have it - the Uk will probably need to contribute about 2,000 recruits to the whole European Navy, or should I say the 'Eurasian Navy'? As Orwell put it " the greater the understanding the greater the delusion, the more intelligent the less sane".

ISL is absolutely correct to highlight our island status and our reliance on maritime trade. The danger is that the lunatics are already running the asylum and that the inherent instabilities in 21st century Europe will be ignored until it is too late. An island nation already bereft of a nationally owned merchant marine and effective ship building industry cannot afford to rely for its food on allies who history has shown to be fickle and unreliable. It certainly cannot afford to cease paying its maritime insurance premiums.
Since i left the Royal Navy in July 1979 there has been no need to keep it, its gone downhill so badly since the very day i left. I was certain it would be in good hands by that mysterious Chief who dogged my very footsteps, however he has let me and yourselves down very badly indeed.

On a lighter note, if the Royal Navy were to be scrapped , the billions of pounds saved could be spent no better than on us veterans, even though we are already wealthy by the pensions we get,(and deserved) A grateful nation should show its gratitude.

The RAF should be scrapped completely and all transport and fighter Aircraft given to the Army, who do a sterling job, in fact at present they are the only buggers that actually fight.

If ever there was a need to bring back a Royal Navy there are always us old farts who are willing to serve again.

As usual this Government will not listen.
higthepig said:
Since i left the Royal Navy in July 1979 there has been no need to keep it

Earth calling ego, come in ego :D

Oh, and BTW I know of quite a few matelots currently at helmand, so get your facts right if you think that the pongoes are the only ones doing any fighting :evil:


War Hero
Just scrap the RAF. Build loads of aircraft carriers, portable airfields that can be pretty much taken where you want them. The RAF pilots can join the FAA (they can still fly into Welsh hillsides if they want to). The rest of the crabs can be farmed out between the Navy and Army. The pongos can do the logistics side that the crabs do now. The government can then flog off the old air force bases to build new prisons and houses for asylum seakers. Easy peasy.
So what its diamond lil's, that doesn't mean you can ignore those non pongoes out in places like Afghanistan, or are you sat on your head again and letting your arse do the talking ;)
There is a serious thread somewhere on this very subject, as this was posted in here i assume its not serious, if you want to talk shite this is the place.


War Hero
Let's scrap the navy, then use the money saved to raise another RM Cdo and use it to pull the isle of Britain to the European coastline in order that we are no longer an island thus negating the necessity for a navy.


War Hero
Maybe HMG are running it down with a view to privatisation? If that’s the case then bleedin hearts and/or fond memories won`t save the RN. The only chance might be a clever management consultant or an accountant who can show that the navy is an essential body that not only pays it`s way but makes a profit. Some chance. As I was a stoker, man and boy, I am very, Very pro navy but the question Deeps has asked is a fair one…an I`ll tell you why…
Once upon a time the senior service were the `Great` in Great Britain and we got all sorts of uses from the grey funnel line…What do we get now? bugger all, that’s what! The Royal Navy is, or was, there to protect the Merchant Navy, and let them go about their work around the world in peace, they say that there’s a pirate problem but it`s not in the English channel ..its in the Malacca Straits so if an effective deterrent is to be provided perhaps it should be in the form of an air patrol from Penang paid for by the shipping companies… the fishing fleet is no more because we couldn't protect them against foreign intervention…to our shame we use the navy to police positive discrimination against our fisherpersons as decreed by Brussels…(it seems these foreigners are now friends, and of course we can't open fire on friends. can we???... We're too small to invade anywhere and yet no one seems to care…well not this lot anyway… they still do it…There was a time when you could send in a Scottish regiment against the fuzzy wuzzies and they would mug their way to victory, now we send in the precision bombers and missiles to decimate the landscape, an anything that moves, then 5 minutes later there’s a Hercules transport dropping food parcels and blankets and condoms …..seems we’re just not out to win anymore..
So yes let’s privatise and reduce the fleet to half a dozen ships and use 'em for fishery protection and Coast Guard duties; at the same time reduce the booties to a couple of purely ceremonial regiments …Close the RAF down completely – air transport command could be handed over to Ryanair who would probably do it cheaper and quicker with more discipline… the top boys in the RNLI could be paid a bit more to bring them up to scratch an they could start a new section to take full control of the Coast Guard also they could look after Customs as well. immigration and duty free is a complete shambles .. so we don't need the Customs, do we…maybe they could be combined with the tax people its about revenue isn't it!....see it`s easy innit......

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