Do Shell's delivery drivers deserve their 14% pay rise?

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by thingy, Jun 18, 2008.

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  1. Aye. They're grossly underpaid on £39K basic a year!

  2. No, I think they deserve a lot more!

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  3. Ooooo errrrr?

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  4. If they don't want to do the job there are others waiting to fill their place!

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  5. Our MPs deserve the same!

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  1. Do Shell's delivery drivers deserve their 14% pay rise?
  2. I dont think 39 k a years a big deal in this day and age, if they can get it good luck to them, shell made millions last year
  3. In my opinion NO. They were very well paid for what they do. And even better paid now.
  4. Ah well; living proof that blackmail works. I think we will all pay for this in the months to come.

    Is Brown the Humourless now going to issue all motorists with "we endured the the tanker strike" badges?
  5. Of course they do,and MPs should get a 50% rise as well!

    Tanker drivers face dangers every day just like traffic wardens and MP's are having to put up with the rising cost of wine and expensive account meals.

    Oops,here's matron with my tea time injection.

    Best go or its an enema for me again.
  6. Not everyone gets lucky and falls into a highly paid job you know?
  7. You make your own luck in this life mate, put the effort In and you reap the rewards,simple really
  8. You know as well as I do that's utter bollocks.
  9. why? ive worked hard, obtained decent qualifications in my field and now as a result i earn a decent salary, whats "utter bollocks" about that?
  10. You suggest that 'earning' 39K is relatively easy if one 'puts the effort in'. Amongst the several ex RN I know, none of whom left lower than Chief, the highest earner is at least 10K short of that figure - and not one of them is shy of 'working hard'. There are, of course, those like yourself who have got lucky, but it is arrogant to assume that everyone will have such good fortune.
  11. Try getting a job with them .No chance.Relatives only or mates .Closed shop. I wonder why?????
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I'm not being funny, or condescending or patronising (just to clear that up) But I've just left as a Chief (literally a week ago, although I've been working in civy street for nearly 3 months now) and I only earn a little shy of that, if you add car allowance and benefits I take home significantly more, don't forget the pension eiither. I found it relatively easy to earn that sort of money in fact I only applied for 4 jobs in total and was offered 2. I think it very much depends on what you want to do and where you want to work, qualifications certainly help you get to interview. I'm far from convinced however that a lorry driver actually "earns" that sort of money.

    Edited to add: That sounds a bit crass and doesn't come over at all how I meant it!

    What I'm trying to say is that money isn't everything, some people choose the jobs they choose because it has other benefits to them, time at home, personal satisfaction or they just don't need the stress and hassle of some jobs and can afford to live without the extra cash. Earning lots of money isn't that hard depending what you are prepared to do for it - spending half your life away from home for example pays well in the oil industry.
  13. I'm a bit out of touch with UK pay rates but they're only lorry drivers. Yes, its a skilled job but they're not exactly thin on the ground. You only need one qualification - which I had once so can't be that hard. Will this set the going rate for all delivery drivers ?
  14. They asked for it and their employer has evidently gave them it. All you free marketeers should be happy.

    Anyway, the "real" cost of inflation is probably nearer 14% than the government's 4% so good luck to them.
  15. All this whining sounds like sour grapes to me. It is in fact nobody's business what the tanker drivers earn (we live in a democratic, free market society) , although if the recruitment 'closed shop' comment is true that causes me concern.

    I worked hard for my qualifications, and whilst I do reasonably good money I work bloody hard for it. If I did not like my job, or if the companionship that I get from my colleagues did not make up for the crap and the fact I could earn more money elsewhere I would leave.

    Now get a life. There are people out there today who are mourning the loss of their loved ones.
  16. When you've got the muscle use it.As sure as hell when the tide turns your employer will use it against you.As it always dose.
  17. I think you're missing the point here Rosie. And I also think your last line is a bit of a cheap shot. People die, and are mourned, every day. Yes, it's serious but unfortunately the world does not stop each time it happens. I mean no disrespect by this comment, it is simply a fact of life.

    The point you are missing is that if this pay rise becomes the norm for ALL tanker drivers, and there is nothing to suggest it would not, then it will simply be absorbed into the cost of petrol/diesel. This cost is already a significant contributor to inflation. There is not a single industry whose costs will not be affected by fuel price rises.

    So, far from being nobody's interest it is in everybody's interest that tanker drivers wages, and indeed all wages and costs within the oil companies, are seen to be reasonable in these troubled times.

    If this increase is seen to be reasonable then end of story but if it is not then people have a right to say what they think.
  18. seconded it has been like that for years. You can be as thick as a whale omlette as long as your dad was a tanker man! They are a law in themselves. 39k (now +14%) for a total of 6 weeks training and a rigid 90 hours max over two weeks with legalally required breaks.
  19. 39k does seem rather a lot for a lorry driver i was driving lorries about 4 yrs ago n i was on 260 a week
  20. Nothing to do with luck or fortune im afraid guzzler, if you sit on your arse waitaing for lady luck to drop, a 40k a year job in your lap your going to have a long wait, instead of whining about how much others earn put some effort in and get yourself into a postion where your worth a employer paying you a decent wage, anyone earning less than 30k in this day and age is either bone idle or thick as a plank

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