Do SBS undertake parachute training too?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by fly_past, Mar 14, 2008.

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  1. fly_past

    fly_past New member

  2. Blobmeister

    Blobmeister New member

    This has to be a Wah?
  3. barstoolquaterback1

    barstoolquaterback1 New member

    Yes all Marines or other forces who pass the SC3's if they have not already undertaken the basic para cse, then do so as part of continuation training. Then its onto HALO/HAHO. Then it's onto underwater knife fighting and self defense origami i.e. how to make a set of nunchuka out off an old high flush toilet chain and two copies of the Times colour supliment......................................................Mattress stacking walts need not apply........stick to the SAS.
  4. trehorn2

    trehorn2 New member

    1.5 SECONDS!!!

    While my heart goes out to the family I'm sure a radio couldnt have made any difference?
  5. Blobmeister

    Blobmeister New member

    !.5 secs to late. What they were saying is, as soon as a problem was identified, they could of gave instruction to cut away and deploy the reserve. The individual was trying to sort out the failed canopy by all accounts and didn't have the experience to do so. I feel that the radio's would have produced a different out come!
  6. scabz

    scabz Badgeman

    No radio when I did my first jumps. I just had to remember, and then follow, pretty simple instructions. Jump, 1001....1006, look, check, & if the main canopy hasn't deployed properly deploy your reserve. I thought it was pretty simple really. I didn't need a radio to tell me what I'd forgotten from the set of instructions. If you spend too long faffing about trying to untangle your main canopy from a 2500ft jump you're going to lose at the hardware/wetware interface whether you've got a radio or not.
  7. HarryBosch

    HarryBosch Supporters - GCM

    I don't think I was ever told to sort out a failed main canopy during para training. The rule was 'No full canopy, pull reserve'. The only time we were told to sort out a canopy, so to speak, was with the reserve i.e. you might have to help it fly if the main has partially opened. There was never any instruction to anyone about assisting the main to deploy when jumping static line at 800 ft. The radio issue is a red herring and would not have helped this guy. RIP.
  8. cornishgolfer

    cornishgolfer War Hero

    Did 10 jumps in total, filled me pants evry time.............well sort of

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