Do R.A.F pilots get to land and operate from Aircraft Carriers? or is it only F.A.A?

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by aaronknox99, Jan 25, 2014.

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  1. I apologise if there is an existing thread about this topic, I cannot find any bits of information to answer this question, so I thought I would turn to the most knowledgeable of people to ask it ;)

    do, or rather, can RAF pilots operate from carriers or is this strictly forbidden to only navy pilots?
  2. RAF pilots can operate from carriers on rare occasions.

    Although it's worth noting that they have to come to terms with being the least sexually attractive people onboard, not to mention the most ridiculed, hated and least trained.

    If this is a career you're considering, you really have to ask yourself, can you survive for 4 months without a fruit machine in your mess?
  3. We had a couple of crab helo pilots on the Bulwark in the mid 70's so there are precedents, plus Harrier pilots were on the carriers darn sarf in '82 in believe.
  4. Haha ok then mate, was the placement permanent or temporary?
  5. I don't know, we mostly ignored them :)

    I think they were on temporary attachment to the helo squadron.
  6. Good to see the banter going strong between you guys! ;) thanks for replying.
  7. Just so we're clear, we think you're a ****.

  8. I was on the Ark Royal 1977-79 and I remember that most of the pilots on 809 Buccaneer Sqn were RAF pilots.
  9. And they loved the cock.
  10. Haha good to know, see you junglie bastards later :p
  11. Junglie?

    Does he think I'm a woo?

    I've never been so insulted, how very dare he :angry7:
  12. Likewise my friend ;)
  13. Just so you know, you're speaking to senior rates in the Royal Navy (and me).

    If we want to make your life very difficult , we can, very easily.

    Dont gob off.
  14. Aye Aye, message understood. :)
  15. Come back tomorrow, tell us where you are in the recruitment process, and we might actually be able to help you out.

    There are blokes round here that know more about carrier ops than all the consultants in the MOD.
  16. Now that I can believe! I will do, thanks for your help :)
  17. I should probably mention that I'm not in the recruitment process yet, as I am 14 , I just wanted some general information about this topic but thank you anyway :)
  18. Just so you know Aaron. We've already blacklisted you for any job in the RN. The RAF might take you, cos they're gay like that.

    Next time use a different username.
  19. Their groundcrew also walk around 5 deck "corridor" thinking its highly amusing to ask where the mess (where they fine dine), bedrooms and the airfield is?

    They also think it upsets us when they call it a boat.

    Dressing gowns are the rig of the day and don't get me started on their idea of the standards required for rounds! :(

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    Last edited: Jan 26, 2014
  20. You don't see them walking around when the sea state hits the dizzy heights of 3.

    My favourite was a female RAF harrier maintainer actually crying because the 'tannoys' kept waking her up.

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