Do not slag Septics by on the Net

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Nutty, Jul 27, 2007.

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  1. Be warned, do not slag off Septics on the Net or they will come after you. Especially if they are USN Matelots, a stoker I think. Read and be afraid, be very afraid.


  2. Kinnell !
  3. Only in the US. I hope!
  4. There are fcukwits all over the world, it just seems that the good ol' U S of A has the biggest share of them.
  5. Kinnell Arson!!. whatever happened to just dropping some silver nitrate into his wet?
  6. So the rest of the world etc are still ok then
  7. "Roger flash" I think!
  8. I had better go to MSNSmiles thread and delete :toilet: all my postings before he comes for yoooos lot.

  9. Twenty three thousand US 'Veterans' have been discharged with Personality Disorders since the beginning of the Iraqi invasion. One of them was Pfc Stephen Green who raped a 14 year old Iraqi girl before killing her, her younger sister and her parents before setting them on fire at Haditha.

    Seven senior US officers including a Lieutenant-General have been found guilty of lying about and covering up the death of Pat Tillman. Questions are now being asked about whether Tillman was actually murdered by his own men as his mother has been insisting for a long time.

    Look at the number of civilians that are routinely murdered by US forces in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq. How the Brits ever became the junior partner to these fcuk-wits is beyond me and now they are talking about attacking Iran, Pakistan and Syria.

  10. Looks like It`s time to remove all my details and sign on as someone else, from the Antarctic or somewhere.....................Must dash someone has just kicked the fcukin` door in.......................

  11. Hope it's not your back door, Hig!
  12. They get medals for "...pistol expert and rifle expert..." - Only in America!!!
  13. Don't they get a medal for each NAAFI queue they have ever been in?
  14. They get medals in Uncle Sams Forces for just about everything--- except setting fire to trailers!
  15. You just get a mench for arson lol
  16. They used to get one when the were drafted to the UK as they flew over NI and it was considered a War Zone!
  17. I picked up on that as well...........was that the only positive thing his lawer could say in his defence. Or was it a warning that they've gone and trained shit fer brains to shoot as well. No doubt allowing him to amass a small arsenal of weapons for when he gets out.
    Why do a North London club always get the blame when something bad is going to go down?
  18. Spartan, if you're out there. Sorry. (Fuck I hope he reads this!!)
  19. When alongside the wall in Norfolk Naval Base ('kin 'ell it's big) in the eighties we had a visit from one of the mess specialists (Steward) serving on Nimitz. He was a real old salt and had been around. He came over on the pretext that he needed some ice cubes because their ice machine had broken down.

    Nimitz was next door to us and about thirty thousand feet from keel to bridge, it blocked the Sun at midday! We had no problem with him wanting to look around and fed him the usual tinnies in the mess, his bag of ice had melted meantime and we gave him several more, much to the horror of our own duty Nigel maintainer.

    He was wearing all black with a black tie, this was before the Sopranos by the way. He definitely looked the part of a Mafia boss. On his chest were rows and rows of ribbons. What's that one for and that one then, why have you got three of those? He pointed to a few, earned he said, when off Vietnam and they received incoming fire. close did you get (a carrier mind).....several miles away from the coastline (honest) and they received incoming small arms fire. WE ALL thought he was taking the piss but no..........he'd been shot at and was awarded what can only be describd as "bling".

    What impressed the guys more though was his shiney black shoes, they gleamed from a finish put on at the more spit and polish for the Yanks we thought....why do they always seem to get the little things right and the really important "don't f*ck this up* things wrong? :salut:

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