Do NOT repeat do NOT join the Armed Forces

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by slim, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. Why put up with substandard accommodation?
    Duty Watches?
    Missing Corrie?

    Instead go out thieving and robbing old ladies.
    get caught and then live the life of Riley

    Latest computer games, giant plasma TVs, even personalised toilet seat covers... The lavish prison lifestyle of juvenile murderers

    Brutal teenage knife killers are living in the lap of luxury at a 'holiday camp' jail, an outraged former prison worker has declared.
    The country's worst juvenile criminals can watch giant 50ins plasma screen TVs, play the latest computer games and even choose their own toilet seat covers for their en-suite bathrooms.
    Ex-substance misuse worker Helen Stanmore, 52, said prisoners at Warren Hill jail at Hollesley, near Woodbridge, Suffolk, enjoyed a lavish 'millionaire' lifestyle
  2. Cheers Slim, you could have told me that a few years ago. That way I could have avoided, despite risking my life and limbs, the squalor I live in now. During the week when I'm on base, I am living in fear of Legionnaires disease everyday, in a broom cupboard on a p1ss stained mattress, having to have cold showers every morning because the boilers forever tits. Dining with plastic cutlery in the mess because the dishwashers fcuked, and even then it's a mere two choices of shoite. My entertainment is a pokey gym with about 3 machines in it, hanging out of my cabin, I mean broom cupboard window trying to get a signal or doing the power wave with a coathanger trying to get a signal on my archaic portable which I have to pay a licence fee for.

    If I'd have known I could have avoided all this by stabbing some cnut, I would have. God I regret my decision to be a stand up member of society.
  3. Good behaviour means food and drink. Bad behaviour means no food no drink and if you wipe shite over the walls the door stays shut until you ask for forgivness and a bucket and rag.

    Gawd Bless Cherie Bliar and her human rights practise. Tucked in safe at night in their little mansions. Tawts!!!
  4. Hmmm i knew a scrawny ned from school who got jailed for repeat petty offences.

    He came out of jail a year later, muscled beyond belief and then went onto serious drug dealing.

    If it's a choice between prisoners sitting on their arses and twiddling their thumbs to Mario Kart or pumping iron in the gym all day....give me the former please!
  5. I happen to be a prison worker, leaving it for the navy in October, and you just learn to accept that this is how it is.
    They are ENTITLED to: free tv, free gym, free hot meals, free clothes, free healthcare (no waiting times for these guys).
    Smash a tv, they lose it for a week and get a new one.
    They are paid weekly (£5) for being there, (obviously paid more for working, cleaner/servery/class assistant types (~£12)).
    They get money on release - just 'cause (~£50).
    They're entitled to grants to buy everything from clothes to cutlery upon release, from the job centre (£100-£900), yes i'm being serious.
    The funniest thing is that they're put inside, then given counselling, free solicitors, and everything is there for them to get out as soon as.
    They've just started a new thing: usually you'd have on a cell door, 'Smith AB1234', "Jones XY5678', name and number, everywhere where prisoners names are now listed have to be preceded by 'Mr'. We've all been told to address them as 'Mr Bloggs', rather than a name or number, that hasn't caught on yet obviously. They do have more rights, and more time to exercise them than you or me. It is insane.
    There was a case not so long ago, a prisoner had a court case, perhaps at the jail I work at, perhaps up the road..., but he was due to appear in court, but couldn't be made to go because it impinged on his human rights :).
    As for sentencing, you all know about that. I've seen rapists, yes, full on rape, get a 8/9 year sentence..., well half that straight away. That's as little as 4 years in jail for possibly destroying someone's life. Utterly destroying. A lot of the low lives, drug dealers, burglars, thieves, often serve the end of their custodial sentence in open jail. Never actually been to one, but hookers have been known to be taken in. No fence.
    Bla bla bla.
    Oh yeah, and straight to the top of the free housing ladder, because they 'might' reoffend! Jail CAN be VERY cosy, and welcome to Britain. Oh and the illegal mmigrants...ah i'm stopping there.
  6. whilst I have no experience of working in a prison (or actually being a 'resident' :), I currently work for the police and I think the most shocking thing is as wannabeat said, that rapists etc. get such short sentences.

    Also generally behind the scenes things can be so disorganised it beggars belief, in terms of communication between police and the prison service, the immigration service etc. I sometimes wonder how any of it works.
  7. Well you might as well seeing as it's totally irrelevant.
  8. You think it works?

    Putting glass in the cell windows was the first step down a very bad road, bars and a nice breeze should be all they ******* get.
  9. God bless the Daily Mail, pissing in the Cheerios of thousands of households every morning....
  10. It is when money is being spent comforting them, furnishing their houses, giving them free money, when that directly in turn means less money in the defence budget / education budget.
  11. The thread is about prisons.

    Therefore your bitter and blinkered comment is irrelevant.
  12. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

  13. You really are heading into true mong territory with your last few posts aren't you? I hope you do get in so I can shoe some sense into you.
  14. NO
    Its bolloX
    I think these, let me first say... perverted wa*nkers should get a bloody good long time! (that includes paedos, rapists, sexual abusers etc) a long long time. Robbers, depending on crime should be varied.
    That I would say if it is an household break-in, they should get more than most (especially if assaulting the owner/family), and if it is robbery in a shop then less time.
    Murder, can be catogorised in so many ways it is unreal, but pure murder by any mental/personal motive should be death sentence (which unfortunetely we have not got, but if so.... 100% proof of the crime then do them).

    This country is falling apart, and not before long we will HAVE to protect ourselfs rather than let the police protect us, our country is pathetic in respect of law!
  15. Shoe some sense into me, what isn't sense about what I said?
  16. I think the whole not going to court thing is if they were on the outside they would have the choiceif to go to court or not so I suppose they have to carry on with that choice in jail. Its not going to do them any favours. If tehy don't want to go then don't send them save petrol.
  17. Nope.


    Tried several times, but nothing at all.

    Something to do with petrol?
  18. And what about drug takers? You little druggy cnut.
  19. Basicly I don't understand why people make such a fuss about inmates not going to court. Let them get on with it wont go in their favour.

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