Do names matter ??


Lantern Swinger
Interesting article although I am not fan of Clarkson. I think he got it wrong about Che Guevara though. Che is a nickname only used in Argentina and Uruguay and means 'dude' 'boy' or 'friend' - take your pick. Think of it as equivalent to the English term 'mate'. It was bestowed on him by his Cuban friends because that is how he constantly addressed his comrades in arms. Mind you, having said all that I don't think that posterity would have remembered an 'Ernie' Guevara too readily somehow.

The need for nicknames is not only the preserve of the famous as is demonstrated quite well by the RN itself. Common surnames like Woods, Morgan, Ward, Long etc. sound so much better with a prefix like Slinger, Rattler,Sharkey and Dodger IMHO.

Don't know what affluent part of South Africa he was visiting for one day, but it doesn't quite reflect the complete breakdown of law and order that exists in that country. For more realistic perspective on life in SA he
should maybe have paid a visit to Hillbrow in Joburg where you can't walk the streets and which far surpasses the old District Six in Capetown for violent notoriety. Nelson Mandela was a great political activist but didn't achieve too much as president during his term of office despite his rather memorable grand name.

Red Sailor
Obviously names matter. Look at our own armed forces. Jock Stirrup, for gods sake the man sounds like a Dick guard. Thats why the RAF will never get anywere.
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