Do it again?

Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Guzzler, Mar 27, 2012.

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  1. Having a chat with me old mucker Ballistic today and the 'would you do the same again' thing came into the conversation - between 'I'd do the barmaid' and 'No it's not - it's your ******* round'.

    He would because he likes things that go bang as they make his eyes glaze over. Little puddles form under his legs at the very mention of NGS. Oddly, the same doesn't happen to me when it comes to memories of saying 'sorry, we're closed' or 'nothing to do with me, you'll have to phone the tax man'. Girl's job which they dragged me into because I could read and write - I believed I could still tie knots, swashbuckle and bayonet baddies and things, but it wasn't to be. Yo-ho-ho.

    Anyhoo - obviously I wouldn't join again in my former branch, my attempt at joining 'shh-you know who' failed in the early 80s, so I stuck with it for 25 years. In the highly unlikely event that I did join it would certainly be as an MA - my current employment seems to suggest that I have more of a leaning to such work than sat on my fat one making excuses. Though too late I now dream of being a paramedic.

    Anyway - I assume I'm pretty much alone in this as most seem to love their former trades.

    Tell us.
  2. Once a Stoker, always a Stoker.
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  3. Too true stokes! Ease off on the steam drain'll blow a hole in my ovies!:D

    And yes, I would (do it again)....and knowing what I know now, would probably sign on for 22....:frown:
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  4. Without a shadow of doubt diving & EOD! Great job just time to move on.
  5. Ditto !! .. I, rather foolishly & because of 1st Mrs WM, left after 17 years. Departed for the Mid East, spent more time away from the family that with them as it turned out. The Old Man, retired RPO (sorry !!) always said that he'd do the same thing again, but wouldn't get married (same here), and he still reminisced, and told lots of dits, up to his ctb in '08.
  6. I would as long as I didnt have to go anywhere near Faslane again, dont know about this Navy though, when you start calling a chimney sweep a Flualogical specialist someone's bored
  7. (granny)

    (granny) Book Reviewer

    I would do it all over again but with one proviso....I'd have to be 'T', (I know sacrilege), then I might remember, and enjoy, all those glorious places that I visited throughout my career. Not looking through the bottom of a beer glass. Hmmm...might be worth a bob or two as well !
  8. Would do it all again, and not change a thing :laughing5:
  9. I would change the time I jumped out of the bedroom window of the daughter of the landlord of the cricketers pub in Malta and landed on my head
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  10. .. You might have a need to explain 'T' to some of the younguns on here, ;)
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  11. I enjoyed being a greenie so yep, I'd do it again.
  12. Without doubt I'd do it again, have never 'dipped out', just 'dipped in' more on some occasions. No regrets whatsoever.
  13. Given my time again ... would I join up as an MA again? ... without a doubt - and end up being a T42 rating! In the modern day Navy ... not sure as things have changed over the past 20 yrs since I left The Mob that I know nothing about so difficult to say.

    Would I marry the 1st Mrs MG again (given the gift of hind sight) not a chance in hell! Even given the opportunity to shag her sister again!

    There are several times in life that I sit and think about with a big smile on my face which would love to do again ... but if someone mentions SW approaches in the middle of winter I would perhaps give that a miss!
  14. Same same.
  15. Not many reggies backing their branch!
  16. Which branch? The one they failed in or the one they ended up in?
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  17. I was a JTO at Ganges, then I became RO(T) whilst still being UA, when I reached my 20th birthday I became G whist still an RO(T).............confused ...? :scratch:

    ....but I still did my stint as rum bosun ....:eek:ccasion5:... would someone care to explain that to the young 'uns !

  18. Oh yes happy days indeed, passing your fanny down the hatch to the SA(V) to be filled with that dark brown nectar.
  19. On a good day, my fanny had 30 men victualled in with maybe 6 tots of queens, after sippers an gulpers, a make and mend for the rum bosun was mandatory.
    .... in todays terms................go figure !
  20. Do it again ?
    I`d go back and do what i did again, and with a bit of luck/hindsight, i`d improve on what i managed. (Like the time the gaffer invited me outside for a chat...apparently they don`t like it when you can hit `em back harder.)
    Do it again now ?
    Not a chance. Different world, and the compadres are made different as well.

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