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Do I smell funny???

For Ling, there is absolutely nothing wrong with either a wipe down with a good diesel rag, or a liberal dusting with fufu dust. We are after all God's chosen ones.

For They etc. Give it time it sometimes takes more than five minute to get a reply at all never mind a sensible one. hang in there some one will probably tell you the question was answered six months ago.

ps Welcome join in the fun.


War Hero
Book Reviewer
and then they'll tell you you've posted on the wrong forum.....

oooooooops so BAD


theymademedoit said:
16 visits and no replies, the rejection is unbearable. Lol. :sad:
All your questions will be answered if you do some research in the newbies section...thats the one you have posted in ....and wecome to RR.
*sniff sniff* A bit. Not a stoker are you?

You have to say something a bit more controversial to get noticed in these parts :roll:


Lantern Swinger
Ahhh and the attention grabbing bastard suceeds once more!

Well thank you for your replies and thank you for the welcome!

We can't stop here! This is bat country!
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