Do I need a car?

Hey everyone,

Will I need a car while i'm in the Navy? I need a car for my current job but it's on its last legs (I also live in a rural area with rubbish bus links)! I am thinking of getting a reliable car on finance, which will last me for a good few years. However, i'm not sure if it's worth getting a decent one if I go into the Navy and never end up using it!

Concentrate on getting a life then the car will follow along in its own sweet time.

(It took me until I was 31 to take to four wheels) :?


Don't waste your money until you're out of RALEIGH or BRNC, where your car will sit and gather dust whilst you pay for insurance and tax.
Didnt buy a car for 8 years, if I needed one I either borrowed one ,after getting insurance cover, or rented one for the W/E.


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You don't *need* a car but it certainly makes your life easier at times. Saying that, (and I've been guilty of this in the past), there's absolutely no point whatsoever in getting a brand spanking new car when you're onboard a ship as it'll just rust in the dockyard (trust me on this-french cars and ports don't mix!)

If you end up somewhere like Culdrose or Yeovilton, then you would definitely need a car but if you're based in Guzz or Pompey, then you don't really need one.

If you desperately need one, wait until you get out of Phase 2 training and buy a cheap run about-you only have to look at the garages near Phase 2 establishments such as Collingwood or Sultan to see that you can get a fair bit of car for not that much money!

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