Do I get my eyes tested for CP at Raleigh??

Hi there,
I'm joining as a Chockhead and I know I'm colorblind but when I did my eye test and medical I didn't get tested for it.
I have got my date to join 15 June but don't want to get there and do an eye test and get sent home.
Do I get my eyes checked for CP when I get to Raleigh??
Should I talk to my AFCO and tell him about it.


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No I didn't,found it a bit strange after what I have been reading on here.
It is odd.

Generally the parameters for Colour Perception are safety related. In other words the more life-threatening the likely work situation in relation to being able to discriminate colours, the higher the required standard.

For chockheads navigational lights (red/green) are less important than the recognition of an orangey/yellowy flickery thing engulfing an aircraft that lands a bit "sudden".

Joking aside, colour perception can be a life/death issue in a service environment & it is genuinely important to ensure the "box is ticked" so I'd urge you to contact your careers adviser to ensure the procedure is conducted correctly by the contracted medical company.

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