do higher ranks socialse with the lower ranks?

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by 2cool, Nov 10, 2012.

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  1. Not sure where this belongs, probably the gash barge to be honest!

    I was just curious if higher ranks such as officers socialize with the lower ranks in spare time i.e go to the pub etc? Or is this something that would be looked down on ?

    just curious!
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  2. When i was HMS Sherwood the officer seemed to mixed with mix with Ratings and recruits
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  3. In my day (eons ago) it was extremely rare for occifers to socialise with lower ranks.
    It sometimes occurred if an occifer had been promoted from the lower deck and still had friends on the lower deck.
    Inter mess activities sometimes took place but these would be with senior rates messes.
    Towards the end of my service (1985) I admit to seeing some of the more popular officers being invited to the JRs messes aboard Manchester.
    The modern RN I will leave MontyP to answer for:\\\\\\\')
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  4. Never ever had a Buccaneer pilot or observer speak to me , on the squadron!!!!!! Except to say pass me the pins, when strapping them into the ejection seat ^_~
  5. The CO sent for me on a good number of occasions, I would stand in front of him and we would have a good old chinwag.
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  6. Fcuk me guys these days many barriers have lowered the RN is far more reaxed than the other 2 services thank goodness, most of my DO's and DHODs were in private on first name terms and in my honest opinion not to the detriment of the service.
  7. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    I always thought the sailors were entitled to a bit of privacy and the last thing they'd want would be an officer poking his nose into their shoregoing shenanigans.
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  8. A few of my old bosses have had my sofa booked after a piss up.

    My Mrs used to cringe when one of my pilots used to knock on the door and ask if i was 'coming out to play'.

    She always knew it was going to be messy!!

    Same boss, managed to get him thrown out of his digs in Weymouth after we were both lying under the bar with the beer taps set to a steady trickle!!!! A fine example to we junior ranks!
  9. Generally Juniors, Seniors and Officers piss up separately. But, things are fairly relaxed in the main. I have oppos I go for a beer with from AB to Lt Cdr. The general rule of thumb for all ranks socials is that the Seniors and Officers move on at a reasonably early point in the evening and leave the Juniors to it. For all manner of reasons it's sensible and keeps everyone happy. Nothing assists the rapid loss of respect among your subordinates than crying about your dead dog and getting arrested for pissing in a letterbox*.

    * A former type 23 XO.
  10. A senior should leave precisely 12 minutes before the first finger is pointed.
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  11. MLP, He either had a good pressure up, was an extremely tall chap or you are full of shit, the latter I suspect.
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  12. My Staff Officer at RNR Tyne lived in a stately home in Morpeth, so didn't go home on drill nights stayed onboard and went down the Queens in Gatehead with us PSIs wasn't unusual to find him slumped at his desk at 2000 while the RNR guys were walking past his office I used to close his door switch of the light and give him a shake at 2100 so he could go down the Wardroom for a few.
  13. In my Navy the lower deck officers were shunned by every one, they treated the lads like shit and were looked down on by the rest of the wardroom.
  14. You're either really short, have a knackered prostate or the worlds tallest door. Letterbox not postbox you thick, drunken, Alzheimer ridden crap twat.
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  15. So he was a dwarf then?

    Nice door, Everest?
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