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Do he suffer from Tourette's syndrome or ignorance?

Suffers from tourettes or something else

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  • Suffers from tourettes

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War Hero
Having had many of my postings queried ( in the nicest possible way) by one of our company , I have noticed that nearly all of the constructive criticism contain an abundance of expletives.
I ask the questions.
Does this member suffer from Tourettes?
Does he have a problem with English?
Is he just a complete tosser?

Answers please in a jiffy bag to help protect his feelings
Re: Do he suffer from Tourette's syndrome or ignorance

I know exactly which "Complete Tosser" you are referring to.
Damn, I let my answer out of the bag :wink:
Re: Do he suffer from Tourette's syndrome or ignorance

Sorry slim mate; I'm not sure who you're referring to and am all out of jiffy bags. If this guy is incapable of stringing a few sentences together without having to resort to his favoured list of four-letter expletives then he is, quite obviously, a complete fuckwit (seven, not four letters).

Time and place for everything and a little use of the "language" is no great harm in moderation, but if it is that regular - I suspect there is a problem.

Maybe be need a swear box - donations to charity.

Re: Do he suffer from Tourette's syndrome or ignorance

They say it is lack of education / vocab.
I think it is because he's a bleeping blank hole. If I am thinking of the same tool that you are
Re: Do he suffer from Tourette's syndrome or ignorance

If its the same one I`m thinking of, I know where he lives, under a bridge and scares the shit out of little Billy Goats.
Re: Do he suffer from Tourette's syndrome or ignorance

Always_a_Civvy said:
Linguistically challenged I think is the diagnosis.

Leave Ling(yai) alone you big bully, he's getting enough incoming from Levers
Re: Do he suffer from Tourette's syndrome or ignorance

The over- use of many words not generally accepted , or necessary, in everday communication, can be a display of a number of causes. First ,maybe simple immaturity. There is also a possibility of genuine mental illness. The tourette syndrome is a very strong contender with, perhaps, a more modern form of the problem, digital TS.This can be accompanied by some of those little smilies with obscene gestures so thoughtfully provided by some webmasters. Whatever the cause or reason it does not have a place in an adult or mature environment but what's the answer in this politically correct /freedom of speech nut-house?

Re: Do he suffer from Tourette's syndrome or ignorance

I think the use of 'anglo saxon ' swear words are used in the conversation to emphasis the subject that is being discussed.

However in certain parts of this country in some communities the swear words are spoken all the time and because everyone is saying them they become part of everyday speech.
Re: Do he suffer from Tourette's syndrome or ignorance

Thing is, gentlemen, aside from the fact that most of you are fading legacies of the heady days of yore (Slim, I'm referring to you especially) which is the worse crime? Cowardly, insipid racism, or swearing? I'd wager (as I have said before) that the majority of you would shy away from your 'bit of a laugh' darkie banter when in the company of those whom you wouldn't guarantee a reaction from. Let's say that back in the day you call Ned Rawlins a thick shit nigger. Not a good idea. If you did that (and let's face it, no-one has any proof of anything on this site) I'd be impressed, only at the courage in your convictions. But post-after-post on it goes ... a litany of snide, dated whinging about how bad the modern world is and how this country is finished, as if you never, ever contributed toward change in your own time. The easy targets - 'splits at sea', 'muslims', 'political correctness' - it's all come under fire with absolutely no positive suggestions, save for shallow-minded, ill-researched carping masquerading as angular, workable comment. I challenge you all ... arguments aside, to come up with something feasible and mature to ease the percived problems of this country and this planet. So far I have challenged one or two who seem to imagine this country is made of money or the electorate would stomach a 10p tax-hike. It ended in personal carping and the 'liberal' tag. Constructive stuff. Put your money where your mouths are and show us what statesmen you imagine yourselves to be, and I will call off the abuse.

And just for starters, under any government you elect, mass deportation of 'immigrants' would be off the cards. Think of another way - one that wouldn't throw this country into the civil war that everyone predicts.

There you go. Not one swearword. Oh, and Slim, your personal vendettas around the forums are revealling abit more about who and what you are than I think you know.


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